Teleste expands electronic invoicing to cover all EU countries

Teleste takes a step towards more environmentally friendly procedures and expands the use of electronic invoicing. In addition to our customers in Finland, who have received e-invoices for some time now, we will start sending e-invoices to our customers in other EU countries as well.

Markus Mattila, Senior Vice President, Operations, Logistics and Sourcing at Teleste explains that Teleste expands the use of e-invoicing because electronic procedures bring advantages both to Teleste and its customers: “E-invoicing makes the invoice processing more efficient and releases resources to for example customer service. Invoice processing is significantly faster also at the customer’s end. In addition, carbon footprint of e-invoice is less than half of that of a paper invoice.”

Compared to paper invoice, e-invoice is significantly more environmentally friendly. In addition to smaller carbon footprint, sending electronic invoices reduces the amount of paper printouts and the need for transportation.
We hope that we can send e-invoices to all our customers in the future!