Future professionals practicing working life at Teleste

Teleste R&D took part in a national campaign for the Finnish employers and industry to give school kids and young students an opportunity to practice working life and earn some money as well (In Finnish: "Tutustu työelämään ja tienaa"). In June, seven future professionals worked as summer trainees at Teleste within the campaign.

The experience was rewarding and useful both for us and the trainees. We had the opportunity to give the trainees valuable working life experience and got some extra energy to our team in return. That was refreshing! The trainees often worked so efficiently that the job got done almost in no time, and their contribution and help was truly appreciated.

It was awesome to try out working life, and also earn some money. The tasks were not too demanding and it was nice to do them and perform. In future, if a chance like this will come again, I hope that there could be even more tasks!” told Helmi, one of the trainees.

We wish to thank everybody involved in the campaign, both the trainees and the Telestians!