Teleste at ANGA COM 2015: Teleste’s unique concept optimizes end-user privacy in smart homes

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The smart home is the next big trend, but its breakthrough is slowed down by consumers’ concerns about digital security and privacy. With its advanced features, Teleste’s unique privacy solution keeps smart homes protected from unauthorized parties.

TURKU, FINLAND – 27 May 2015 – Teleste, an international technology company that develops and offers video and broadband technologies and related services, introduces a unique solution that furnishes Internet-connected smart home environments with features that optimize privacy for the subscribers of the service. As a part of Teleste’s Intelligent Home concept, the solution allows end-users to fully decide who is able to receive data from their smart home system as well as when and to which home devices authorized visitors can connect.

You are welcome to learn more about Intelligent Home and the privacy solution at ANGA COM 2015 in Cologne, Germany, 9-11 June. We will demonstrate the concept at our stand E19. In addition, we will present the concept in more detail in conference room 4 on Wednesday, 10 June, 11-12 a.m. For more information, visit

Personal and family security is one of the most important reasons for the rising demand for smart home solutions. Smart home systems generate data about our lives and living environments which can be highly useful to us when looking after our families and property. However, connecting that data to the Internet and storing it to a service provider’s server makes it vulnerable to unauthorized access. As recent studies show, consumers are conscious about digital threats and even 50% of broadband households in the US have privacy or security concerns about smart home devices.

Teleste’s unique solution offers several features that maximize privacy of smart home subscribers while letting them enjoy the enhanced personal and family security provided by the system.

  • End-to-end encryption of data; the solution gives uninterrupted protection to the data traveling between devices that are connected in the same smart home system. In practise, this means that no unauthorized parties can access, e.g., video streams while they are being sent for watching from a home security camera to the subscriber’s smart phone, tablet or PC.
  • Full control of third-party access; subscribers can grant selected users access to their smart home systems. A third-party user such as a security guard can be authorized to access the system e.g. when there is no-one at home, only on alarm, only during specific time frame or only to a specific home device.
  • Auditing the users; whenever a user signs in to the system, a trail is left of who has accessed, when, and what actions they have taken in the system. This lets the service subscriber keep track of which actions the other users have taken in the system, and control that the usage of data stays stricktly within their argeement.

The privacy solution is a part of Teleste’s Intelligent Home concept,  a toolbox for operators to build and provide their own home security/smart home services. Extending operators’ service portfolio and increasing customer loyalty, the concept makes it possible to attract new customers and reduce churn. For consumers, Intelligent Home makes it easy to step into smart home services. All that they need to do for 24/7 connectivity with their home is to subscribe the service and its installation from their operator. Read more about Intelligent Home and its benefits for operators.


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