Teleste contributes to the safety of Logan City in Australia

In the City of Logan, Australia, the City Council has set priority to improve residents' safety and reduce crimes. To achieve the target the city has invested in a security room which is furnished by Teleste’s state-of the art video surveillance technology.

In the article of Brisbane Times, the Logan City Council says that their security officers have access to approximately 300 cameras across the city, stationed in malls, train stations, bus stops, parks and other thoroughfares, and the system has captured over about 2700 incidents during one year of operation.

All cameras and video recordings are managed in the security room through Teleste’s video management system, S-VMX.  The system also enables beaming some footage from city cameras directly to officers at police stations.  This helps city security officers detect situations reliably, and react quickly e.g. in cases of emergency.  The system also introduces advanced facial recognition technology which the Logan City Council is already trialing to fully utilize the system’s power in creating situational and evidential data.

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