Teleste introduces extreme security IPTV content to Hospitality TVs in partnership with Samsung Electronics

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As one of the first IPTV video headend providers in the world, Teleste brings to the market a fully embedded LYNK DRM (digital rights management solution) of Samsung Hospitality TVs

TURKU, FINLAND – 11 February 2015 – Teleste, an international technology group specialised in broadband video and data communication systems and services, announced today that the company has embedded a Samsung LYNK DRM (Digital Rights Management) system into its Teleste Luminato headend platform. The implementation has been carried out in partnership with Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., and it enables hospitality service providers and integrators to easily deliver secured, premium HDTV content to Samsung Hospitality TVs. For the first time in the world, the solution introduces a fully embedded encryption and decryption of HDTV content in a headend single module, therefore avoiding need of an external server and exposure of any decrypted content for unauthorized use.

Introducing Samsung LYNK DRM as an integral part of our headend platform is an exciting step towards creating flexible and more cost-efficient solutions for delivering TV services in the hospitality industry,” said Hanno Narjus, Senior Vice President of Video and Broadband Solutions for Teleste Corporation, “We are delighted that our co-operation with Samsung has resulted in a solution that can benefit not only service providers but also consumers around the world with better quality TV services and premium content.

Premium HDTV with reduced overall costs

Today, consumers around the world are expecting the same level of TV services whether at home or on the go. Together with convenient Internet connectivity, TV and movie services are taking an increasingly important role when choosing a hotel, and they are valuable assets for the hospitality sector in building an exclusive in-room experience.

By embedding the Samsung LYNK DRM server to its Luminato headend platform, Teleste has created a solution that enables effortless and cost-efficient delivery of premium HDTV channels in hotel TVs. All that is needed is Samsung Hospitality TVs with Samsung LYNK DRM software technology and the Teleste Luminato headend platform. The solution requires no additional chipset or hardware purchase, and it delivers both IPTV and digital cable audio and video content.

Thanks to the fully commited hard work engineers and smooth technical cooperation between Teleste and Samsung Electronics, jointly created state of art of the digital content right management, compressed into slim and energy saving Luminato platform, offering fully encrypted content transfered over the IP network”, Head of the European Display Organisation, JaeSung (James) Kim, said.

Extreme security in a single module

Premium HDTV channel bitstreams are encrypted by secret keys to preserve content and revenue security. In order to deliver the encrypted content to TV sets, a DRM system is used to distribute and manage the secret keys. As a traditional DRM system is typically located in an external server and ported to headend, the challenge for DRM vendors is how to protect the connection against security attacks.

In partnership with Samsung, Teleste has overcome this challenge by embedding the Samsung LYNK DRM server into its Luminato headend chassis. Encrypting and decrypting content is accomplished in a single headend module, therefore, avoiding external exposure of any decrypted content and preventing possible security attacks.

Ideal for the hospitality sector

Together, Samsung Hospitality TVs and the Teleste Luminato heandend platform create a TV service solution that is ideal for the hospitality sector.

  • Compact and easy to fit in hotel premises: Teleste Luminato has a compact design with minimal power consumption and cabling requirements. With a low noise level and no requirements for cooling, the headend can be easily installed in hotel premises and is cost-efficient to operate.
  • Software enables easy upgrades and management: Samsung LYNK DRM can be upgraded through firmware, which gives the solution a high degree of flexibility and avoids additional hardware upgrade costs e.g. in case there is a need to upgrade the secret keys. The TV services can be easily managed by ‘drag and drop’ in the Luminato user interface, which also presents all available channels on a single playlist.
  • Improved service reliability through hot swap: To keep TV services up and running in all conditions, all Teleste Luminato modules can be replaced while the headend remains in operation.
  • Future-proof headend investment with <0,3% failure rate: Teleste Luminato makes a long-term investment, as the platform has proven to be one of the most reliable headends on the market. There are thousands of devices operational across the world, serving subscribers with tens of thousands of services around the clock, and yet, their failure rate is less than 0,3%.

To learn more about the solution you are welcome to meet Teleste at Integrated Systems Europe, 10-12 February 2015, in Amsterdam. You can find us at our stand 7-E160. You can also visit here for more information about the Teleste Luminato headend.


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Hanno Narjus
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Mirkka Lamppu
Manager, CEM and Communications, Teleste Corporation
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