Teleste unveils multi-gigabit wireless data transfer to video security systems across rail and public transportation

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The high-capacity, full-duplex technology allows wireless transfer of video and data at a speed of more than 4 gigabits between vehicles and ground as well as between moving vehicles.

TURKU, FINLAND – 1 March 2016 – Teleste, an international technology group specialised in broadband video and data communication systems and services, announced today its new technology for extremely rapid wireless transmission of data, which is optimized for the needs of the rail industry and public transportation. The technology allows wireless full-duplex transmission of video and data at a speed of more than 4 gigabits, and brings remarkable benefits for rail and mass transit operators in terms of operational efficiency and taking full advantage of their on-board video security systems.

In recent years, the rising need to ensure safety of people, as well as infrastructure, has resulted in increased focus on public transportation security, especially on-board. As a larger amount of video is being recorded than ever before from on-board cameras, the problem for many operators today is how to transfer the recorded video timely and cost-efficiently from on-board to ground systems for analysis and storage”, said Johan Slotte, Deputy CEO and Head of Video Security and Information for Teleste. “Teleste is pleased to announce its new technology that will ensure high-capacity, rapid wireless transmission of the recorded video from vehichles to ground, as well as between moving vehicles, thus helping the operators fully benefit from their on-board security system”.

Rapid wireless transfer for large amounts of video and data

Utilizing frequencies not commonly used by Wi-Fi and other data transmission technologies, Teleste’s new multi-gigabit wireless full-duplex data transfer technology offers the rail and public transportation industries extremely reliable, high-capacity wireless connectivity. The technology reaches over 4 gigabit vehichle-to-ground and inter-carriage transmission speeds with minimal interference in transmission.

Higher transmission speeds make it possible for the operators to easily manage the large amount of on-board video and data, e.g., by accessing the recordings through wireless connection and offloading them to central storage automatically within the short while that vehicles stop at the station. By ensuring that on-board video recordings can be managed from the operation center, the technology brings operators significant benefits in terms of improved operational efficiency, reliability and situational awareness.

Please visit our website to learn more about the technology. Teleste also welcomes you to visit us at Middle East Rail 2016, where we will demonstrate our wireless applications as part of our end-to-end solution for the rail industry. The exhibition will take place 8-9 March in Dubai, UAE, and you can find us at stand M30.


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Jani Väre, PhD
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