Stadler Bussnang AG selects Mitron’s Passenger Information system for its trains to Norwegian State Railways

Press release

FORSSA, FINLAND – 17 May 2016 – Mitron, Finnish provider of public transportation information systems and modern display solutions, and a member of Teleste Group, announced today that it has made an agreement with Stadler Bussnang AG for deliveries of its Passenger Information, Display, Intercommunication, CCTV and Advertisement System to 26 trains which Stadler Bussnang AG will provide to Norwegian State Railways (NSB), in Norway. Stadler Bussnang AG  is a Swiss system supplier of customer-specific solutions for rail vehicle construction and a member of Stadler Rail Group.

The agreement continues Mitron’s previous cooperation with Stadler Bussnang in several rail vehicle construction projects. Within the cooperation, the first deliveries and installations of the Mitron system to NSB trains were carried out in 2009-2015. The new deliveries will take place in 2016-2018.

A major corner stone for the long-term cooperation between the companies is Mitron’s strong commitment to develop state-of-the-art passenger information, intercommunication and entertainment systems that meet customer-specific requirements for each project. Working closely together with our customers ensures that our system fulfils the needs of today’s rail operators and train travellers, and allow passengers to enjoy a smooth and comfortable passenger experience during their travel. In addition, our profound life cycle management capabilities are targeted to guarantee the operational reliability of our solutions and systems for decades to come.

We are delighted that Stadler Bussnang AG has once again trusted us and our turnkey solution when providing NSB, and rail passengers in Norway, with passenger information and entertainment system that meets today’s demands for high service reliability and quality as well as accurate, timely, and clearly displayed information”, stated Lasse Orre, CEO of Mitron.

The solution in a nutshell:

Our system consists of an IP-based passenger information, display, intercommunication, CCTV and advertisement system for 26 FLIRT trains, including internal and external TFT and LED displays for showing route information and video content for passengers. The system is used to guarantee passenger safety as well as to control passenger information and automatic voice announcements during a journey. System integration and seamless operation is guaranteed via an Ethernet network inside each vehicle. For more information about our solutions, please visit


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Lasse Orre
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