Teleste to upgrade and expand the Paris police video surveillance system in France

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TURKU, FINLAND – 13 July 2016 – Teleste, an international technology group specialized in broadband video and data communications systems and services, announced today that it will deliver its S-VMX video management solution to upgrade and expand the video surveillance system of the Paris police authorities in France. The deployment will consist of video management hardware and software combined with engineering and support services. The order represents a new phase in Teleste’s service offering to the Paris Prefecture de Police and IRIS, the contractual partner operating and managing the system, in the scope of a public private partnership running until 2026.

Teleste’s video security system was recently in use in Fance to promote public safety during the UEFA 2016 football championship. The new deliveries will support a system upgrade to full HD video surveillance. In addition, they will support expanding the coverage of the Paris region’s  video security system to incorporate several tens of thousands of cameras, including integrating the metro video surveillance system and video security system of the French national railway company, SNCF.

We highly appreciate that the Paris police authorities have trusted our Enterprise Class video security solution to provide them with the best toolset available when extending their video security system in Paris”, said Olivier Nitre, VP of Sales and Products for Teleste. “Our video security solutions are designed for modular and flexible system architectures enabling advanced customization that makes them fit for very specific operational needs. For example, our S-VMX video management platform is designed to host multiple services, such as metadata service and video analytics, in he highly demanding and mission-critical environments typical of public space security for a modern metropolis.”

Teleste’s S-VMX will interconnect multiple existing third party city security  systems under its umbrella. Teleste’s interconnection and system federation solutions portfolio will be extensively utilized including, among other items, our cost-effective Command & Capture™ application. As part of the deployment, Teleste will also deliver its high density recording platform that was unveiled earlier this year. Offering up to five times better density compared to standard models, the platform enables a significant performance increase in data storage within the video management system (e.g. up to 800 Full HD recording channels are processed in only one 19’ 3U high rack).

More information about the S-VMX video management system is available on our web pages.


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Olivier Nitre
Vice President, Sales and Products for Video Security, Teleste Corporation

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