Teleste’s video security solution backs up public safety across France during the 2016 UEFA European Championships

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Paris Police Prefecture and the French National Police deploy Teleste’s video security solution to ensure the safety of people and operations in several locations in France during the major tournament.

TURKU, FINLAND – 9 June 2016 – Teleste, an international technology group specialised in broadband video and data communications systems and services, announced today that its video security solution will be utilised by Paris Police Prefecture to back up public safety across the country. The system roll-out is scheduled for the 2016 UEFA European Championships starting 10th June. The tournament will take place in 12 locations across France, and it will host more than 2,5 million visitors.

We are proud that our long-term customer, Paris Police Prefecture, and the Police Authorities have trusted our solution to provide them with the best tool available for ensuring public safety during this major European sporting event”, said Johan Slotte, Deputy CEO for Teleste and head of its Video Security and Information Solutions business unit.

”Regarding events of this scale and magnitude, the public authorities are often faced with extensive challenges concerning the safety of people and operations. In addition to event areas, security needs are emphasised in public spaces, such as train and metro stations and popular tourist attractions. A modern, sophisticated video security solution, like Teleste’s, can offer operators the right toolset for achieving greater situational awareness and shorter reaction times throughout the locations, all resulting in improved effectiveness of operations and increased safety of the public”, told Olivier Nitre, VP of Sales and Products of Video Security for Teleste.

Teleste has a proven track record of providing public authorities and organisations with video security solutions that meet their strict requirements for ensuring safety of operations, attendees and the general public during special events. Our solution has been utilised in high-level events such as the G20 summit in Brisbane in 2014 and the COP21: UK Climate Conference held in Paris in 2015. The Paris Police Prefecture has also utilised our solution to build security in the greater Paris area since 2010.

Effective and sophisticated video security implementation

For this special event, Teleste offers its S-VMX mobility platform that extends the capabilities of its S-VMX video management system to all security forces, police officers and first responders on the move. It offers many different possibilities and functions for CCTV mobile operation, including push HD video from operating centre to mobile devices, mobile camera control from tablets, as well as localise phones and tablets in real time on georeferenced maps, to name but a few.

Effective use  of temporary and moving video sources, such as drones and helicopter cameras and mobile command centres, is enabled by the Command & CaptureTM application that allows a seamless federation of events and tasks to the core system and their control in a single operating point. In addition, the best of cryptographic technologies are utilised to ensure fully secured and encrypted communication within the system over both public and private networks.

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