Virtual Smart City Startup –project for a smarter, safer and smoother city

Virtual Smart City Startup –project financed by Teleste Corporation and the city of Turku starts the Intoa! Lean Business –program of the University of Turku. In the project, students and researchers create solutions for a smarter, safer and smoother city according to the challenge set by the co-operating partners. The Virtual Smart City Startup –project is part of the co-operation between Teleste and the city of Turku, where the goal is to innovate smart solutions for the city environment.

Virtual Smart City Startup –project aims at creating applications that help increase the safety and well-being in the city and solve real life challenges in the urban environment, potentially leading to new business opportunities. The project will gather together an interdisciplinary team of approximately 10 students with skills in business development, IT/Software, law, behavioral or social sciences, and marketing. The selected team will have at their disposal a budget for business development and a board of directors consisting of the financiers and third party advisors.

Teleste sees a unique opportunity for new innovations in the Smart City Startup –project. With the interdisciplinary know-how of the University of Turku and the fresh, technology-independent ideas of the students it is possible to find solutions for the challenges of the modern city environment.

The city of Turku aims at increasing the attractiveness, vitality and competitiveness of the Turku region, also from the point of view of entrepreneurship, employment and innovativeness.

The Virtual Smart City Startup -project is looking for students to participate in the team. When the selected team starts its work, it will operate like a startup company: it identifies a new business opportunity, finds a suitable business model and innovates a solution during the program. The team will apply lean product and business development methods in the project. More information about  the Virtual Smart City Startup –project.