Facing constraints in wireless network transmission? Teleste introduces a new concept to implement wireless video and data offload within public transportation systems

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Designed to meet the needs of the rail and public transportation industries, Teleste’s new, innovative concept makes it possible to implement wireless offload of on-board video and data regardless of the level of the current wireless infrastructure.

TURKU, FINLAND – 3 March 2016 – Teleste, an international technology group specialised in broadband video and data communications systems and services, announced today a new concept, called Wireless offline offload, to solve the challenge of insufficient wireless network transmission capacity within rail and public transportation systems. The patent-pending concept provides operators with an innovative and cost-efficient means to offload video recordings and data from vehicles to ground systems that is less affected by insufficient wireless infrastructure outside the vehicles.

Please download our Wireless offline offload white paper for detailed information about the concept.

Current requirements for vehicular video security systems are making it more challenging to handle the ever-increasing amount of video recordings and data produced by the video security systems installed within vehicles. With our new concept of wireless offline offload, Teleste provides our customers with an alternative approach to transmitting on-board data to ground systems, which will be agile to implement and enables a cost-efficient way to achieve higher wireless transmission capacity”, stated Johan Slotte, Deputy CEO and Head of Video Security and Information at Teleste.

Due to the ever-increasing amount of data stored in vehicles, the requirement for offloading video recordings and data from vehicles to ground systems has proven demanding. Since public transport systems are most of the time ‘on-the-move’, the time available to transfer the data is limited, and wireless transfer of data, i.e. wireless offload is preferred over manual swapping of hard disks. However, in some cases it has turned out to be impossible to offer sufficient wireless capacity due to technical limitations or simply because of the high cost of building an infrastructure that would support an adequate wireless link for the vast amount of data.

To help our customers overcome the problem, Teleste is introducing a new concept called Wireless offline offload. For the public transportation operators, the concept will open up additional possibilities in designing extended network transmissions. It will reduce the level of investments needed and improve the transmission availability throughout the public trans-portation ecosystem. Teleste´s intention is to productise this solution for the rail and public transport industry.

We will demonstrate our wireless applications as part of our end-to-end solution for the rail industry at Middle East Rail 2016, which takes place in Dubai, UEA, 8-9 March. Please visit us at stand M30. You are also welcome to attend Dr. Jani Väre’s presentation about Wireless CCTV offload, to be given at the Middle East Rail technology theatre on Tuesday, 8 March, 2:30 p.m. You can find out more information about our event offering on our website.


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