Fluvius upgrades cable network with Teleste’s optical nodes in Belgium

Press release

TURKU, FINLAND – 12 April 2019 – Teleste has been selected as a vendor of optical nodes for Fluvius’ network upgrade project in Belgium. With the deliveries taking place by the end of 2021, the frame agreement consists of more than 750 of Teleste’s AC8810 intelligent 1.2 GHz nodes and its value is estimated to be approximately EUR 1.1 million.

Owned by 14 intermunicipal companies, Fluvius is the largest multi-utility operator that offers its services to homes or workplaces through a network of pipes and cables throughout the Flanders region in Belgium. The company took care of a cable network with approximately 500,000 homes passed in 2018 and it is now updating the cable infrastructure to ensure the future capabilities in providing high speed data transmission for the subscribers within its network.

“We appreciate that Fluvius trusted us and our technology in upgrading their network for future-proof capacity performance and fibre-level broadband speed. Being present on the Belgian cable market for more than 30 years, Teleste is committed to bringing additional value for the subscribers within the Fluvius network through improved service reliability, and a proven track record in meeting the local infrastructure requirements”, stated Rami Kimari, vice president of HFC Networks for Teleste.

Teleste’s AC8810 optical nodes provide Fluvius with fibre-level data transmission capacity, cost-effective operation and high redundancy. Fluvius’ public bidding process was based on the product price and evaluation of the technical criteria, including features such as remote ingress switching, power supply and housing as well as user-friendly configuration.

Supporting DOCSIS 3.1 frequencies, the AC8810 is an intelligent optical node platform with advanced technical features delivering real customer benefits in terms of capacity performance and redundancy. Besides cutting edge capacity performance, the node is also easy and economical to operate. For example, its power save technology helps operators to reduce power consumption in response to channel load changes in order to achieve lower network operating costs and a smaller CO₂ footprint. Please visit our website for more information about the AC8810 node.

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