Teleste Care for Rail

Teleste Care for Rail is our customer-centric service concept for the lifetime support of your Teleste Rail solution. Your solution is designed for long-term use and our industry experts are at your service during its entire life cycle.

Teleste Care for Rail is a service concept that is dedicated to our rail customers and targeted to meet the special service needs of the rail industry.

Flexible and adjustable service agreement

Teleste Care services are delivered to you based on your current need, or according to a separate agreement. You can choose from our wide offering the service modules that meet your needs best. The service agreement is flexible and it can be easily extended to an annual service contract including e.g. wider service offering or guaranteed response times.

You can choose the level of support needed from our wide service offering which includes services for lifecycle management, software and hardware maintenance, system extensions and upgrades, spare parts and repair, as well as many other specialist services and training. Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze Service Level Agreements (SLA) are provided based on your need.

The lifecycle management/ annual service contracts can include the following services:

  • Customer training
  • Extensions & upgrades
  • Maintenance services
  • Remote services
  • Repair services
  • Spare part services
  • Specialist services
  • SW services

Long-term commitment and secured solution availability

Our specialist support is available to you during the entire lifetime of your system. In addition, we are continuously developing our own systems and their performance to guarantee that the best technology is available to your system when standards and requirements change.

The pace of change in technology is fast; therefore the availability of technology is secured with obsolescence planning and management. During every step of the way, your infrastructure and fluent service operations are secured by pre-agreed procedures for delivering spare parts and repairs.

Best industry experts at your service

We develop our hardware and software technologies in line with the industry’s expectations for high quality and a long lifetime. Our professionals have over 20 years of experience on rail-specific solutions. Our professional engineering, training and support services are at your service should any problems occur, or when you need project-specific support. In addition, our services include remote services and RAMS analysis.

Key benefits for our rail customers

  • Secured Availability – Solution, Information, Vehicle, Services
  • Optimized inventory
  • Continuous Development of Passenger Experience
  • Smooth daily operations
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Optimized Net Working Capital
  • Skilled maintenance team
  • Reliability Improvement

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