End-to-end rail

Teleste Rail is an end-to-end rail solution connects all video security and information systems on-board and at stations into a unified infrastructure. The solution features a full set of passenger information and video security systems and it can be operated around the clock with advanced wireless technologies.

Teleste Rail - a new benchmark for an end-to-end solution

Teleste Rail is a smart end-to-end solution for the modern rail industry. It covers stations and rail cars, as well as wireless telecommunication between the two. The solution is designed to allow for rapid, seamless integration of on-board and station systems and technologies under a single-umbrella system. It ensures accurate and timely information as well as rapid and correct situation awareness and actions.

Teleste Rail combines state of the art technologies and technical expertise provided by Teleste and its subsidiary Mitron, the Finnish provider of public transportation information systems and modern display solutions. Together the companies form one of the leading providers in the rail market.

Tailored for on-board and stations

Teleste Rail always tailored to meet customer-specific requirements both on-board and at the station. The solution may include e.g. the following components:

In addition, we can offer state-of-the-art fibre optic networks that enable utilizing different on-board applications via efficient and robust Ethernet connectivity.

Benefits for the rail industry

Teleste Rail is a competitive option for different purposes, whether for a new design or a renovation project. Its modular and scalable structure guarantees that the solution can be easily fit to meet your future demands.

Increased operational efficiency: Teleste Rail enables timely and correct delivery of information throughout the system helping rail operators to control their resources and increase operational efficiency and accuracy.

Enhanced passenger experience: Teleste Rail enables easy maintenance and delivery audio-visual information including routes, schedules, announcements and videos. It also makes it possible for the passengers to enjoy features like live entertainment and wi-fi connectivity during their journey.

Improved safety of passengers: Whether on-board or at the stations, Teleste Rail improves passenger safety by fast response times in case of emergency, and emergency systems that allow rail personnel to act immediately and proactively.

Affordable hybrid solution with low cost of ownership: Based on open solution architecture and modular structure, Teleste Rail enables efficient and reliable integration of all system components which results in lower cost of ownership. Fast system upgrades, maintenance and replacements of hardware units, are possible while the system stays in operation. The system can also be configured and operated remotely, which allows rail operators to reduce maintenance costs.

Easy integration: Teleste Rail is scalable and easy to integrate with third-party systems, whether on-board or at the station. The modular system architecture supports unlimited scalability, e.g., in number of sub-systems, cameras, sensors, clients and users.

‘Rail-proven’ design: Teleste Rail is compliant with rail standards, e.g., EN50155, and features hardware components with ruggedized, vandal-proof design and engineered for extreme weather conditions.

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