Finland's first Cable Video-on-Demand service will be launched in the spring of
2010. Turku Cable TV is starting VOD service test distribution in its cable TV
network in the Turku area in April. Closer to autumn, once the testing stage is
over, customers can order movies to watch as they prefer. The VOD service works
on the Teleste-developed MyCast application platform.

The Video-on-Demand service will significantly change viewing habits over the
next few years. Viewers increasingly value the opportunity to select their own
program content as well as choosing the time to view it. Another advantage is
that there are no binding minimum order times. Cable VOD makes it possible for
Turku Cable to better respond to changing customer needs, as the new service is
available for all current cable TV customers at all times.

Cable Video-on-Demand is an easy and affordable option, as the services work on
customers' existing cable receivers (set-top-boxes). Except for a smart card, no
other new equipment or accessories are needed. Movies can be ordered from the
Turku Cable website, and are ready for viewing on the customer's own receiver.
The movie prices vary from € 3 to € 7 depending on the category, and billing
takes place monthly according to use.

”I'm very happy that we have an operator here acting without prejudice at the
forefront of technical advancement. With the Teleste MyCast application platform
and video headend equipment, Turku Cable can offer its customers an entirely new
service and user experience, where the customers is in charge of viewing the
movies,“ comments Teleste CEO Jukka Rinnevaara.

“Turku Cable's Video-on-Demand system is the first of its kind in Finland. We
offer our customers a solution which does not require expensive new equipment,
but is easy and affordable to use. The open hardware standard the system uses
makes it possible to select customer terminals and future development as and
when needed. Turku Cable VOD movies can be viewed with an affordable basic
digital set-top-box (STB) as well as with a state-of-the-art high definition
(HD) box,” explains Samuli Salanterä, CEO of Turku Cable.

The Video-on-Demand service is made possible by the Teleste MyCast platform.
The application platform manages the service content, connects to the
conditional access system (CAS) and the subscriber management system, generates
the end-user VOD portal and manages playout control and cable network resource
utilisation. Teleste MyCast also enables the provision of VOD and other services
to interactive set-top-boxes running MyCast IPTV middleware.

More information:

Jukka Rinnevaara,
CEO, Teleste Group
Tel +358 2 2605611
Mobile +358 400 747488

Samuli Salanterä
CEO, Oy Turun Kaapelitelevisio-
Åbo Kabeltelevision Ab (Turku Cable TV)
Tel +358 2 478 0800
Mobile +358 44 505 5000

Teleste is an international technology group founded in 1954, which is
specialised in broadband video and data communication systems and services. The
group is active in two business segments, Video and Broadband Solutions and
Network Services; in both fields, we are among the global leaders. Video is at
the core of our business activities, with a focus on the processing,
transmission and management of video and data for operators and public
authorities who provide multiple video-related information, entertainment and
security services to end-users. Video and Broadband Solutions business segment
has the emphasis on product solutions for broadband access networks, video
service platforms and video surveillance applications. Network Services segment
deliver comprehensive network service solutions including new construction,
rebuilding, upgrading, planning and maintenance services of cable networks. In
2009 the group's net sales totalled EUR 142 million and the group employed 1260
persons at the year-end. The company has approximately 30 offices world-wide and
over 90% of Teleste's net sales are generated outside Finland. The company is
listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. for more information.

Turun Kaapelitelevisio Oy, Turku Cable TV is a local cable TV operator founded
in 1985, and it is one of the largest cable TV operators offering TV and radio
services in the Turku region and Southwest Finland.In the Turku and Kaarina
area, Turku Cable also offers broadband cable services to households and housing
associations. The company covers 85,000 households. Additionally, Turku Cable
also offers a local channel, Turku TV, over terrestrial television. The program
offering covers over 140 TV and radio channels. There are 24 free, basic TV
channels. The largest owners of the company, Turun Kaapelitelevisio Oy, are TS
Group, the City of Turku and Förlags Ab Sydvästkusten.