End-of-life products

Here you can find a list of products reaching end-of-life and to be discontinued. In order to help in planning, below you can find detailed information on timetables and replacing products.

CFO First Mile products

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End-of-life Specification Manual EOL Replacing products
CFO100 (analog) 01.02.2008 CFO111, CFO113 CFO100 EOL CFO100 (digital)
CFO121 31.12.2012 CFO121 CFO121 EOL CFO160
CFO131 16.04.2007 CFO131 CFO131, CFO131sw EOL CFO521
CFO141 16.04.2007 CFO141 CFO141, CFO141sw EOL CFO160
CFO151 16.04.2007 CFO151 CFO151, CFO151sw EOL CFO521
CFO200 01.02.2008 CFO200, CFO200 CFO200 EOL CFO331
CFO300 28.02.2006 CFO300, CRA001
CFO321 27.05.2011 CFO321 CFO321 EOL CFO331
CFO401 29.02.2008 CFO401, CFO401 CFO401, CFO401, CFO401sw EOL CFO410
CFO411 31.03.2010 CFO411 CFO411, CFO411 EOL CFO410
CFO421 01.02.2010 CFO421 CFO421 EOL CFO460
CFO422 29.02.2008 CFO422, CFO422 CFO422, CFO422, CFO422sw EOL CFO460
CFO431 16.04.2007 CFO431, CFO431 CFO431, CFO431, CFO431sw EOL CFO410
CFO441 16.04.2007 CFO441, CFO441 CFO441, CFO441, CFO441sw EOL CFO460
CFO451 16.04.2007 CFO451, CFO451 CFO451, CFO451, CFO451sw EOL CFO410
CFO471 29.07.2011 CFO471 CFO471 EOL CFO410
CFO500 01.07.2004 CFO500 CFO500 EOL CFO521
CFO541 28.02.2015 CFO541 CFO541 EOL CFO521
CFO600 12.01.2006 CFO600 CMX831, CRX831    
CFO831 16.04.2007 CFO831 CFO831, CFO831sw EOL CFO810
CFO841 16.04.2007 CFO841 CFO841, CFO841sw EOL CFO861
CFO851 16.04.2007 CFO851 CFO851, CFO851sw EOL CFO810
CFO871 29.07.2011 CFO871 CFO871 EOL CFO810
04.05.2010 CFO891 (CRT891-CRR871) CFO891 (CRT891-CRR871)   CFO810
CFO161 See note* CFO161 CFO161   CFO160
CFO191 See note* CFO191 CFO191   CFO160
CFO432 See note* CFO432 CFO432   CFO460
CFO461 See note* CFO461 CFO461   CFO460
CFO491 See note* CFO491 CFO491   CFO460
CFO861 See note* CFO861 CFO861    
CFO891 See note* CFO891 CFO891    

*EOL cancelled, limited availability continued.

CFO OPX products

Product End-of-life Specification Manual EOL Replacing products
CVM4U video modem 16.04.2007 CVM4U CVM4U EOL CFO410 +  CWDM SFP
CVM4B video modem 16.04.2007 CVM4B CVM4B EOL CFO460 +  CWDM SFP
CVM8U video modem 16.04.2007 CVM8U CVM8U EOL CFO810 +  CWDM SFP
CVM8B video modem 16.04.2007 CVM8B CVM8B EOL  
COM optical splitters* 10.09.2007 Splitters Splitters   COM splitters
COM optical
mux/demux units*
10.09.2007 Mux/demux Mux/demux   COM mux/demux
COM optical
add/drop units*
10.09.2007 Add/drop Add/drop   COM add/drop
COT optical repeater
& converter
20.08.2007 Optical repeater & converter    


COM WDM – wavelength
division multiplexer*
10.09.2007 WDM WDM   COM WDM
COM optical switch (5HP)* 25.01.2012 Optical switch Optical switch EOL COM optical switch
CES unmgmt
FE Switch
30.04.2012 Unmgmt FE Switch Unmgmt FE Switch EOL  
CES mgmt
FE Switch
30.04.2012 Mgmt FE Switch Mgmt FE Switch EOL MES FE Switch
CES mgmt
GbE Switch
30.04.2012 Mgmt GbE Switch Mgmt GbE Switch EOL MES GbE Switch
COR optical repeater See note** COR COR    
CEV4U video modem See note** CEV4U CEV4U   CFO410 +  CWDM SFP
CEV4B video modem See note** CEV4B CEV4B   CFO460 +  CWDM SFP
CEV8U video modem See note** CEV8U CEV8U   CFO810 +  CWDM SFP
CEV8B video modem See note** CEV8B CEV8B    

*1st generation OPX. **EOL cancelled, limited availability continued.

CFO700 products

Product End-of-life Specification Manual EOL Replacing products
CFO700 01.12.2005 CFO700 CFO700 EOL CFO OPX
COT232/237 optical transmitter 01.12.2005 COT23x COT23x    
COT246/248/254 optical transmitter 01.12.2005 COT246/248, COT254 COT2xx    
COR231 optical receiver 01.12.2005 COR231 COR231    
CVM201/202 video
FM modulator
01.12.2005 CVM201, CVM202 CVM20x    
CVD201/202 video
FM demodulators
01.12.2005 CVD201, CVD202 CVD20x    
wideband combiner/splitter
01.12.2005 CWC1xx CWC1xx    
CWA200 wideband coupler 01.12.2005 CWA200 CWA200    
CWA230 wideband amplifier 01.12.2005 CWA230 CWA230    
CSM111 dual
subcarrier modulator
01.12.2005 CSM111 CSM111    
CSM113 dual
subcarrier modulator
01.12.2005 CSM113 CSM113    
CSD111 dual
subcarrier demodulator
01.12.2005 CSD111 CSD111    
data modulator
01.12.2005 CDM21x CDM21x    
CDD211 data demodulator 01.12.2005 CDD211 CDD211    
CDC012 V.35 01.12.2005        

CFO accessories

Product End-of-life Specification Manual EOL Replacing products
CCU101 alarm card 20.12.2005 CCU101 CCU101    
CCU201/202 alarm card 01.12.2006 CCU201/202 CCU201/202    
CMA011/012 module adapters 31.03.2012 CMA0x1, CRA001 CMA011/012 EOL CMA015
CMA02x/03x module adapters 09.02.2010 CMA0x1 CMA02x/03x   CMA025, CMA035
CSRx14 installation frame & CPS372 power supply 01.06.2006 CSRx14&CPS372 CSRx14&CPS372 EOL CSRx16&CPS384
CPS22x/23x/24x power pupply 29.07.2011 CPS22x/23x/24x   EOL CPS25x
CPS381/382/383 power supply 3.10.2006/08.01.2002 CPS381, CPS382, CPS383

CPS381, CPS383

CSX111/123/222/224 multiplexers 31.03.2010 CSX, CSX CSX, CSX EOL  
COW121/141 optical
waveleght division multiplexer
11.04.2013, 04.05.2008 COW1x1

COW121, COW141

COS132/152/532/533/633 optical splitters 04.05.2008 COSxxx COSxxx    
CRX918 CC mux/demux
to serial data
28.02.2015 CRX918 CRX918 EOL  

MPX products

Product End-of-life Specification Manual EOL Replacing products
MPC-SF FE Switch 28.06.2008 MPC-SF MPC-SF EOL MES FE Switch
MPC-SG GbE Switch 28.06.2008 MPC-SG MPC-SG EOL MES GbE Switch
IPS FE Switch 28.06.2008 IPS IPS EOL MES FE Switch
MPR NVR/DVR 15.08.2013 MPR Workstation, system manager, installation guide, I/O cards   S-VMX Lite

VMX products

Product End-of-life Specification Manual EOL Replacing products
Transmitter & DVR 16.12.2012 Transmitter, DVR   EOL  
Viewer 04.11.2011 Viewer   EOL  
Win XP embedded 30.11.2011     EOL  
750 Gb SATA HD 31.10.2011     EOL  
XSS SCSI storage array 20.02.2012     EOL  
16 bay storage matrix 29.09.2011     EOL  

EASI IP products

Product End-of-life Specification Manual EOL Replacing products
EASI IP 31.12.2009     EOL MPX
IPET1 IP encoder 31.12.2009 IPET1 IPET1    
IPET3 IP encoder 31.12.2009 IPET3 IPET3    
IPETS3 IP encoder 31.12.2009 IPETS3 IPETS3    
IPDT1 IP decoder 31.12.2009 IPDT1 IPDT1    
IPDT3 IP decoder 31.12.2009 IPDT3 IPDT3    
IPDTS3 IP decoder 31.12.2009 IPDTS3 IPDTS3    
IPEDT3 IP encoder/decoder 31.12.2009 IPEDT3 IPEDT3    
BLUEBox IP encoder/decoder 20.06.2008 BLUEBox BLUEBox EOL  
IPS FE Switch 28.06.2013 IPS IPS EOL MES FE Switch

EASI ATM products

Product End-of-life Specification Manual EOL Replacing products
EASI ATM 31.12.2007, 31.12.2009     EOL, EOL  
INE1x1 ATM video encoder 31.12.2007, 31.12.2009 INE1x1 INE1x1    
INE1x2 ATM video encoder 31.12.2007, 31.12.2009 INE1x2 INE1x2    
INE1x3/2x3 ATM video encoder 31.12.2007, 31.12.2009 INE1x3/2x3 INE1x3, INE2x3    
INE2x2 ATM video encoder 31.12.2007, 31.12.2009 INE2x2 INE2x2    
IND1x1 ATM video decoder 31.12.2007, 31.12.2009 IND1x1 IND1x1    
IND1x2 ATM video decoder 31.12.2007, 31.12.2009 IND1x2 IND1x2    
IND2x2 ATM video decoder 31.12.2007, 31.12.2009 IND2x2 IND2x2    
INB1x1/2x1 ATM data bridge 31.12.2007, 31.12.2009 INB1x1/2x1 INB1x1, INB2x1    
VIVACE ATM node 31.12.2007, 31.12.2009 VIVACE VIVACE    
PRESTO ATM node 31.12.2007, 31.12.2009 PRESTO PRESTO    
DIVISI ATM patch panel 31.12.2007, 31.12.2009 DIVISI DIVISI    
Commander for EASI ATM
31.12.2007, 31.12.2009   Commander    

EASI accessories

Product End-of-life Specification Manual EOL Replacing products
DVP412/432 power supply 26.10.2010/
DVP4x2 DVP412, DVP432    
DVX002 installation frame 24.11.2010 DVX002 DVX002    
DVX911 intelligent fan unit 31.03.2014   DVX911    
CPS23x/24x power supply 02.11.2010 CPS23x/24x     CPS25x