The 3VHA-AR platform is a 1.2 GHz DOCSIS 3.1 amplifier with 4 Ports. The products come equipped with 2 bidirectional data ports and 2 unidirectional TV ports. The 3VHAAR085 has an 85 MHz, and the 3VHA-AR204 a 204 MHz upstream path.


  • Frequency range up to 1218 MHz, Docsis 3.1 compliant
  • 4 user ports compact amplifier
  • Outer plastic housing to secure against electrical contacts
  • Forward path with differentiated gain according to ports
  • Energy saving power supply
  • Data ports equipped with 75 Ohm terminators
  • Fixed power cord
Home Amplifier
4 Outputs
1.2 GHz downstream

Product Specifications

Downstream signal path (105/258…1218 MHz)
Data 1
Data 2
TV 0
TV 1

2.5 dB
2.5 dB
0 dB
4 dB
Upstream signal path (15…85/204 MHz)
Data 1
Data 2

1 dB
1 dB
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