IPKO trials Teleste’s latest Remote PHY technology together with Cisco’s CCAP core

Turku, Finland – 24 October 2019 – Distributed access networks are taking a step forward in Kosovo, where the leading telecommunications operator IPKO Telecommunications LLC (IPKO) trials Teleste’s latest Remote PHY technology together with a CCAP core from Cisco. In the trial, the implementation of a Remote PHY based distributed access network is evaluated for the delivery of even greater broadband speeds for the customers of IPKO that is considered as one of the fastest growing telecommunications companies in Europe.

As a key element of distributed access architecture, Remote PHY allows operators to build networks with a substantially higher data transmission capacity than before. Successful rollouts of the technology, however, need solving issues, such as the interoperability of equipment from different vendors and technology providers”, explained Olli Leppänen, Vice President of Distributed Access business for Teleste. – “Frequent participation in cross-vendor tests gives us an invaluable opportunity to demonstrate that the Remote PHY technology is today ready to deliver on its promise, and operators can safely invest in it when transforming their broadband networks for increasingly faster Internet speed.”

IPKO’s setup includes Teleste’s DAN300 Remote PHY node alongside the Cisco cBR-8 R-PHY CCAP core. Both vendors have been actively involved in the industry-wide interoperability work to achieve a high level of standardization and maturity for their Remote PHY technologies.


“We are pleased to say that not a single issue compromising the interoperability between Teleste’s node and the Cisco CCAP core has emerged during our trial. As more and more data is transmitted online each day, what our subscribers want from us is a solid, high-performing network, capable of meeting their changing service needs. Today, the Remote PHY technology provides us an attractive option to answer the demand and invest in continuous growth and development“, told Gëzim Pula, CATV Supervisor at IPKO.  

Besides greater capacities, deploying the Remote PHY technology gives operators the possibility to increase cost-efficiency by embedding headend functions deeper into networks to remote hubs and sites, thereby decreasing the number of headend hardware, making node segmentation easier and reducing, for example, power consumption and points of failure at headends. The bidirectional communication between Remote PHY nodes and the network management system also provides operators with more information on the status of the services, which is a functionality that Teleste has for long taken advantage of in the company’s Intelligent Networks technology designed to help operators improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.


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