Broadband network

When your cable network must reach every household and subscribers are looking for greater speeds than ever before, Teleste can provide the right solutions for you. Our portfolio includes products, solutions and services for both traditional and fibre rich HFC networks.

With the latest technologies such as DOCSIS 3.1 and distributed CCAP Remote PHY, our solutions ensure gigabit level broadband speeds to your customers. You will also be able to improve customer satisfaction because of enhanced service uptime and cut down operational costs with our intelligent nodes, amplifiers and network management tools.

On top of the products, our motivated team is at your service when you need help in designing, building and managing your network.

All access network products from the headend to home, complemented with professional integration and maintenance services

Flexible technologies for delivering rich TV and media experience to guests at hotels and resorts

All components you need to realize modern service distribution solutions

A wide range of proven and reliable network products with easy and reliable delivery

Ultrafast broadband connections bring us together

Today, the society is all about networking. People, services and even machines connect together via broadband networks at homes, in workplaces as well as in public areas. More and more network capacity is required every day to allow us all to get connected.

With the latest technologies, such as the DOCSIS 3.1 and Remote PHY RPD, Teleste has enabled operators to make connectivity easier and smoother for tens of millions of people around the world. We have decades of experience of high-performing broadband networks and how they are best utilized for offering future-proof services with extremely high availability.

Our smart, innovative product and solution portfolio empowers you to ensure top-quality broadband services for your customers while reducing the total cost of network ownership. In top of the products, our highly skilled and motivated service team can provide you with excellent know-how in designing, building and operating networks from headend to home.

Among our customers are the major MSOs like Liberty Global Group with all its affiliates in Europe from the UK to Romania. We also serve The Altice Group globally and have a leading presence in the Europe at Vodafone and at all national and local cable and broadband operators.

Our in-house product development and manufacturing are located in Europe and our support and service network covers the whole world.


Smart solutions for building combined fibre-optic and coax cable networks


A full set of hardware and software products for combined fibre-optic and coax cable networks


Professional network services for European Cable and FttX operators