Teleste hospitality solutions offer a simple solution for providing IPTV and high-speed internet access to each room by putting your existing coaxial TV cable into full service. Our solution enables to increase your customer experience and revenue by creating the basis for cutting edge services.
  • Hospitality wifi
     Hospitality wifi

High-speed internet and versatile TV services

Teleste’s Hospitality Solution is ideal for bringing high-speed Internet to hotel rooms and apartments. It enables fast and reliable TV and data services such as HDTV, IPTV, telephony and high-speed Internet for each room. The solution broadcasts live TV from antenna (aerial), satellite and cable sources. You can enjoy hundreds of TV channels with top-quality content such as HDTV and pay TV, as well as rich EPG information.

Harness the full power of your existing TV cable

Our solutions bring you high speed internet and WiFi hotspots troughout your building for an affordable cost by reclaiming the unused capacity of your existing infrastructure. TV channels and data are provided to the guest rooms on the same, already existing coaxial cable.

Free capacity on coax cable

WiFi to every room even in 24 hours

We offer managed services for site survey and RF upgrade as well as for mini-CMTS projects, to make your experience with our products is as good as possible. You don't need to have experience with RF and IP over Coax, we will work with you and ensure the project is succesful.

Upgrade your hotel WiFi even in 24 hours

Our services in a nutshell

  • Mini CMTS for delivering IP over the existing TV network
  • Luminato TV headend, for compact & efficient guest TV services
  • Accessories – to give the very best performance and connection for your projects
  • Managed Services – specialist install and site survey
  • Training – To ensure it always goes right first time & every time
WiFi in hotel


Teleste solutions enable the Hotel guests to get the true at home experience.

Cruise ship TV

Passenger ships

We can enable every cabin on the ship to upgraded to full IP connectivity, to enable Smart TV,...

WiFi for hospitals


Delivering TV services, Internet Access and Wi-Fi, right to the bedside without new wiring.