AC800 G

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Optical node with a single active output. This product has been replaced by Teleste AC8700 and ACE8 nodes.

Product information


Future proof with flexible features: The AC800 platform supports 1 GHz downstream and  makes it possible to add new features as flexible modular solutions.

Automatic functions available: AC800 G is  based on fixed receiver concept but new automatic functions can be added later in the form of SW or plug-in module. There can be ALC operation controlled by EMT unit or by a cost effective detector module with fixed pilot frequencies. The transponder can be installed easily into plug-in slot without external cabling. This module does the measurements and controls the ingress switches on the mother board. It can be operated locally by lap top or hand terminal or remotely through EMS.

Highest possible signal quality: The amplifier stages are based on high performance GaAs-circuits, what ensures the highest possible signal quality. Inter-stage gain can be controlled in two positions, which means wide operational dynamic range.

Several outputs available: By using internal splitting there can be available even 3 separate outputs. Low level DS output port allows an easy way for future US signal segmentation with the help of AC500 or AC1000 amplifier.