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AC8000 is an optical node with 862 MHz downstream and 2 active outputs. This product has been replaced by AC8700 and AC8800 nodes.

Product information


Versatile and scalable: AC8000 includes a wide range of plug-in options makes the node extremely versatile and scalable.

Redundant downstream and upstream signals: AC8000 makes it possible to have an optical receiver with redundancy for downstream signal. The upstream channel can also be fully redundant  with double transmitter solution. When more segmentation is needed, both optical transmitters can be fed by separate individual return signals.

Wide gain range: The amplifier stages are based on high performance hybrids, what makes the used output level range especially wide.

Several outputs available: By using internal splitting there can be available even 3 separate outputs.

Local control with transponder unit: AC8000 has a plug-in module slot for transponder unit, which can be locally controlled by lap top or hand terminal. The transponder unit does the measurements and controls the ingress switches on the mother board. Double PSUs are also monitored by transponder. This solution increases the reliability of the station to even higher level. Electrical level adjustment modules can be installed. They make it possible to have adjusted output levels through EMS or using the fully electrical ALC function.