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Intelligent, 1 GHz optical node with 2 GaAs outputs and automatic alignment system.

Product information


High performance capacity: The AC8800 is a dual active output node with 1006 MHz. It is based on fixed platform but flexible modular solution that is designed for reliable performance and easy alignment. All adjustments are carried out automatically and without interrupting signal.

Redundant downstream and upstream signals: It supports two optical receivers with redundancy for downstream signal path on the motherboard. The upstream signal path can also be fully redundant with double transmitter modules. When more segmentation is needed, both optical transmitters can be fed with separate individual return signals. The amplifier stages are based on high performance hybrids, which makes the usable output level range especially wide.

Local management via USB: AC8800 has a USB connector for local configuration with a PC or PDA.

Automatic alignment and increased reliablity: AC8800 is also equipped with a plug-in module slot for transponder module. The transponder unit measures the levels of forward and return path signals and enables the automatic forward and return path alignment function. Node’s dual power supplies are monitored by the transponder and increase the reliability of the node. Fully user configurable automatic level control (ALC) keeps output level constant, while forward path spectrum analyser and return path ingress analyser features aid in network monitoring and troubleshooting.