AC9000 Node

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AC9000 is an intelligent, 2 x 4 segmentable node. It offers high output level (Umax 112 QAM / 111.5 dBµV) and supports 1 GHz/204 MHz bandwith. Remote monitoring and control is available with transponder (HMS/CATVisor or DOCSIS).

Product information


The AC9000 node offers best-of-breed functionality for increasing the quality and quantity of data and video services distributed within HFC networks.

No more unnecessary truck rolls: With the AC9000, all configurations are done automatically without the maintenance crew having to adjust and configure each device separately. The capability is achieved through the use of a new microprocessor-based control system, which performs all of the adjustments automatically and without signal interruptions.

Designed especially for European networks: With its compact size, the AC9000 fits easily into European-scale street cabins.  Its high performance capability also means fewer units in the field. In addition, every unit consumes even 40% less energy than conventional nodes. Low power consumption generates less heat, which increases component durability and lead to higher service quality and lower lifespan costs.

Less manual adjustments: Conventional mechanical adjustments and checking the parameters are laborious and time-consuming processes. In addition to being automatically aligned, the AC9000 can be monitored and controlled remotely via the optional plug-in transponder unit included with Teleste’s CATVisor EMS network management software. The transponder unit offers three different management protocols: CATVisor, HMS and DOCSIS. If it is necessary to go on site, the AC9000 can be configured locally via its USB interface using a PC or PDA equipped with CATVisor Commander software.

Reducing service outages: The AC9000's comprehensive control system replaces conventional mechanical adjustments and the laborious checking of parameters with a reliable system that responds quickly to any indication of a problem. The early warning system allows you to rectify any inefficiency before it becomes a real problem, and reduces unexpected, costly downtime to an absolute minimum. In turn, this leads to several operational benefits, such as improved network reliability and performance.

Quality guaranteed: Far too often, ingress can disrupt services and irritate end-users. The AC9000 recognises and automatically isolates ingress with the help of an inbuilt ingress analyser. This is done even before your helpdesk has received a single call from subscribers blocked by the problem.

Maximum capacity: Digital return path is a new approach to offer an easy way to increase the capacity of existing fibres. Using the AC9000 with a 2 x 4 digital upstream option provides an operator with the potential to double the capacity of existing fibres without major investments. The digital return path provides easy adjustment features and, most importantly, upgrades the network so that it is ready for future demands. The distance between nodes can be extended up to 75 km. The digital return path carries two separate 5-85 MHz bandwidths at 5 Gbps.