HDO772 Transmitter

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HDO772 downstream transmitter supports frequencies up to 1006 MHz and has one 10 dBm output. HDO772 is a 1550 nm DWDM transmitter for medium distances. Its main applications are broadcasting of digital signals.

Product information


Benefits for analog transmission: HDO772 contains an electrical dispersion compensator that is important especially when analog channels are transmitted to longer distances.

Adjustable output power: The optical output power is adjustable that enables the equalising of channel power in multiwavelength cases when optical amplifiers are utilised.

Support for broadcast and narrowcast distribution: HDO772 has two equal input sections with level and slope adjustments to support broadcast and narrowcast signal distribution. The RF isolation between the input branches is high minimising the leakage of narrowcast signals into unwanted narrowcast node segments.

High performance with low power consumption: To increase cost-effectivity, HDO772 offers the high performance and the widest variety of features combined to low power consumption.