Luminato COFDM module

The dual/quad COFDM output multiplexer for Luminato platform enables flexible multiplexing of SPTS and MPTS video services as well as PSI/SI table streams. High quality DVB-T modulation with agile up conversion provides easy adaptation to DVB-T delivery over HFC-network.

Product information

  • DVB TS over UDP/IP or RTP/UDP/IP reception
  • IP address / UDP port selector for input streams
  • Network dejittering
  • Advanced transport stream processing
  • PCR processing
  • Multiplexing
  • Automatic PSI/SI table generation
  • Custom PSI/SI creation and streaming
  • High quality COFDM modulation
  • Agile upconversion
  • Multiplex IP streaming (VBR or CBR)
  • MPEG transport stream over UDP/IP and RTP/UDP/IP streaming