AC2500 Amplifier

  • AC2500 | Amplifier | 2 x 43 dB | GaN | 1.2 GHz/204 MHz
    AC2500 Amplifier | Teleste AC2500 | Amplifier | 2 x 43 dB | GaN | 1.2 GHz/204 MHz
AC2500 is a dual active output amplifier with 2 x 43 dB operational gain. It offers high output level (111.5 dBµV, 112 channels) and supports 1.2 GHz/204 MHz bandwith.

Product information


DOCSIS 3.1 compatibility

Ensures that the downstream frequency band will reach 1.2 GHz and that the upstream can easily be upgraded to 204 MHz.

Especially wide gain range and high output level

The AC2500 amplifier stages are based on a high-performance GaN solution that makes the usable gain range especially wide and enables a high output level. AC2500 can be used as a high-gain distribution amplifier, but also as a lower gain trunk amplifier with bridger output.

Integrated gain and slope controls

Integrated interstage gain and slope controls optimise flatness performance and together with a pilot detection module add ALSC functionality. Temperature compensating MLSC unit minimises the needed amount of ALSC units.

Built-in switches and controls

Ingress switches, return amplifier and continuous rotary switch upstream controls are built into the motherboard. For upgrading return path to 85 MHz or 204 MHz there is no need to change return amplifier, but only diplex filters and a passive slope and response correction unit.