EOC05 MoCA adapter

  • EOC 5 adapter
     EOC 5 adapter
The EOC05 MoCA adapter extends Internet all over your house using your existing Coax TV Cable. The bonded MoCA channels can provide 1 Gbps real traffic throughput in the home, providing excellent streaming video and online gaming experience.

Product information

  • MoCA 2.0 over Coax
  • Uses existing in home coax network
  • 1 Gbps throughput
  • CATV / DVB-T signal unaffected
  • Support for up to 16 nodes in the same network
  • Mesh network for maximum performance
  • Designed specifically for HD Video / UHD 4K streaming
  • Simple plug & play setup without any configuration
  • Easy to install with web based management - completed in few minutes