• GISX-100 
GISX-100 is a Galvanic Isolator (stand-alone) having an innovative design which allows easy installation. The device conforms to IEC60728-11 Safety Requirements and is optimised for Cenelec Class A++ within LTE band.

Product information


300% better leakage current specification than what the standard requires

According to the standard (IEC 60728-11 sec 10 Safety Requirement@230VAC) the leakage current can be 8 mA maximum. Our leakage current is less than 2mA which is much less than required. The reason for this is simple: households might have several Galvanic Isolators and their leakage currents together should be less than 8 mA. Households equipped with our Galvanic Isolators can have up to 4 isolators and we are still on the safe side. One galvanic isolator cannot steal all the margin because most households are actively using more than one wall outlet.

Safety matters - all our isolators are hi-pot tested in production

HI-POTential means high voltage level and high voltage levels can kill. It is extremely important that high voltages do not break through. This break through could be caused by an insulation that breaks down and causes excessive leakage currents. Something that should not happen ever. Thus all our products are tested and safe against much higher voltages that may exist in real networks.