AC6902 USB to BT adapter

An image of AC6902 USB to BT adapter.
An image of AC6902 USB to BT adapter.

The AC6902 is an adapter for connecting a PC or a tablet/mobile device to Teleste products using an industry-standard wireless BT connection.

The AC6902 makes it possible to connect to and configure an amplifier or a node conveniently within up to 10 m range without using cumbersome cabling requiring a PC to be placed next to the configured device.

Features at a glance:

  • Compatible with Teleste products equipped with a USB port capable of supplying power, including 1.2 GHz ACx, ACE, DAH, DAN, E6x, and ICON platforms.
  • Wireless BT LE communication is supported in CATVisor Commander software version 4.0 or later and in the Commander Android application.
  • Led status indicator for wireless link status.
  • Powered via the USB port of compatible devices.

Product Specifications

USB micro B socket
Power consumption
0.3 W
Supply voltage
+5 V/50 mA
50 mm x 35 mm x 25 mm + 150 mm cable
< 0.1 kg
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