HDO775 Transmitter

The HDO775 downstream transmitter supports frequencies up to 1218 MHz and has one adjustable 10 dBm output. HDO775 is a directly modulated 1550 nm DWDM transmitter for short, medium and long distances. It supports broadband, narrowcast and broadcast services in digital and analog formats.

Features at a glance:

  • DOCSIS 3.1 compatible 1.2 GHz bandwidth
  • ITU wavelengths in 100 GHz grid
  • Optical output power adjustment for channel power equalising
  • Electrical dispersion compensator provides a good CSO performance at longer transmission distances
  • Standardised input and test point levels
  • Low power consumption and high performance
  • Two identical inputs with individual level and slope adjustments
  • High isolation between inputs
  • Unused input can be switched off for power saving and noise reduction
  • Drive amplifier can be set to power save mode in narrowcast load conditions
  • Integrated input amplifiers and laser driver amplifiers
  • Automatic power control providing constant total OMI as standard feature
  • Optional integrated xWDM filter to combine forward and return paths into one fibre or to combine various forward wavelengths into one fibre
  • Optional spectrum analyser function enabling ALSC
  • Fibre connectors can be located at the rear or at the front panel
  • Small form factor family, 2 RU height
  • Local and remote software control of all adjustments
  • Forced cooling through the unit

Product Specifications

Optical parameters
Light source
Cooled DFB with optical isolator
Peak wavelength
1530…1560 nm (ITU ch59…21)
Output power, nominal value
+10 dBm
SBS suppression
+16 dBm
Relative intensity noise
-154 dBc/Hz
OMI per channel
2.6 %
Link length setting
0…40 km
Pass band of optional xWDM filters
Pass channel
Reflect channel, DWDM
Reflect channel, CWDM

±0.12 nm (DWDM) or ±6.5 nm (CWDM)
1520…1565 nm except the pass channel
1260…1620 nm except the pass channel
Number of optical ports
RF parameters
Frequency range
47…1218 MHz
RF impedance
75 Ω
Input return loss
18 dB
±0.4 dB
Automatic power control (APC)
Laser test point level for 4.5 % OMI
78 dBμV
Input level
77 dBμV
Level adjustment range
-15…0 dB
Equaliser adjustment range
-6…+1 dB
Isolation between inputs
50 dB
Spectrum analyser module (option)
Measurement range
47…1218 MHz, 0.25 Hz steps
Measurement bandwidth
0.35 MHz
Dynamic range
58…98 dBµV
Measurement accuracy
±1 dB
Noise and distortion performance
40 dB
Power consumption
8.2 W
Supply voltages
25 V / 250 mA
6.3 V / 300 mA
RF connectors
F female
Optical connector
SC/APC, E-2000
Field replaceable fan
Dimensions (h x w x d)
2U x 7HP x 380 mm, Occupies 1/12 of HDX002
1.5 kg
EMC compliance
EN 50083-2
Enclosure classification
Operating temperature range
0…+45 °C
Storage temperature range
-20…+60 °C
Operating relative humidity
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