HDO514 Optical splitter

HDO514 Optical splitter
HDO514 Optical splitter

The HDO514 is a 1:4 optical splitter. The fibre input splits into four outputs with optical input power distributed uniformly across all output ports.

Fibre connections can be located either on the front or the rear of the module. The input port is a fixed adapter, and the output ports are fibre pigtails. The module is passive, requires no power, and is mechanically compatible with HDX002 and HDX003 installation frames.

Product Specifications

Optical parameters
Wavelength range
1310 and 1550 nm
Band pass
±40 nm and ±40 nm
Insertion loss
7.2 dB
Number of optical ports
Power consumption
0 W
Optical connector
SC/APC or E-2000
2U x 7HP x 380mm
1.5 kg
EMC compatibility
EN 50083-2
Operating temperature range
0…+45 °C
Storage temperature range
-20…+60 °C
Operating relative humidity
0…85 %
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