HDO204 Receiver

The HDO204 is a quadruple receiver module for fibre optic return path links in CATV networks. The module features front panel RF test point and optical input connectors can be factory installed at the rear or at the front panel.

Features at a glance:

  • Four return path receivers in one module
  • Wide input power/ output level range
  • Three output level control modes: Manual, Automatic based on OMI, target output level & optical input level and Automatic based on optical input level
  • Integrated A/B route backup switches as a standard feature
  • Automatic power save mode
  • Small form factor family, 2 RU height
  • Fibre connectors can be located at the rear or at the front panel

Product Specifications

Optical parameters
Light wavelength
1260…1620 nm
Input power range
– Standard mode
– High input power model
– RFoG model

-25…-5 dBm
-20…+3 dBm
-30…-7 dBm
Responsivity of photodiode
>0.85 A/W at 1310 nm
>0.90 A/W at 1550 nm
RF parameters
Frequency range
5…230 MHz
Gain limited output level
– Standard model
– High input power model
– RFoG model

2 ∗ Popt + 134 dBµV
2 ∗ Popt + 130 dBµV
2 ∗ Popt + 137 dBµV
±0.75 dB
Slope variation
±0.75 dB
RF impedance
75 Ω
Output return loss
18 dB
Level control range
60 dB
RF test points
20 dB
50 dB
Linearity and noise parameters
Noise current density
– Standard model
– High input power model
– RFoG model

3.8 pA/√Hz
3.8 pA/√Hz
1.2 pA/√Hz
CINR (full load 5-204 MHz)
– Standard model
– High input power model
– RFoG model

49 dB @ -5 dBm, 29 dB @ -20 dB
51 dB @ 0 dBm, 25 dB @ -20 dB
48 dB @ -7 dBm, 28 dB @ -25 dB
Power consumption
8.5 W, RFog model 7.7 W
Supply voltages
25 V / 235 mA, RFoG model 210 mA
6.3 V / 450 mA, RFoG model 410 mA
Optical connectors
SC/APC or E-2000/APC
RF connectors
F female
Field replaceable fan
Dimensions (h x w x d)
2U x 7HP x 380 mm, Occupies 1/12 of HDX002
1.5 kg
EMC compliance
EN 50083-2
Enclosure classification
Operating temperature range
0…+45 °C
Storage temperature range
-20…+60 °C
Operating relative humidity
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