3DH3228-AR204 Amplifier

The 3DH3228-AR204 is a 5-1218 MHz amplifier with a 204/258 MHz fix band split. It uses GaAs FET and GaAs pHEMT technology for best performance to the challenging future down- and upstream loads.

Features at a glance:

  • 204/258 MHz fix band split
  • 32 dB Downstream gain / 28 dB Upstream gain
  • GaAs FET & GaAs pHEMT technology in use for best linearity
  • Low Upstream noise figure
  • Attenuator & Equalizer controls using electrical step attenuators
  • Downstream mid-stage gain & slope selectors
  • Excellent ESD & surge protection
House Connection Amplifier
German Market Approved
Easy Alignment
External Test Points
Single Output
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