BK2K22 Active system modules

BK2K22 Active system modules
BK2K22 Active system modules

Teleste is bringing a new level of performance to the BK amplifier stations with a new set of 1.2 GHz BK2K22 system components. These modules broaden our offering for the BK-based networks and their requirements. Amplifiers can be used with optical nodes and RPD nodes, or in pure amplifier stations.

Set consists of:

  • The BKT700 – is a five-output forward path amplifier for 862 MHz and 1.2 GHz BK amplifier stations.
  • The BKC670 – is a high-performance distribution module for 1.2 GHz BK  amplifier stations.
  • The BKR700 – is a combined Network Element Controller, return path amplifier and signal combiner for 1.2 GHz BK systems.


BK2K22 Active system modules
BKR700 Controller and Return path amplifier
BKT700 AB Amplifier
BKC670 C Amplifier
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