Luminato 4X4 dense modulator with video engine

Luminato 4X4 dense modulator
Luminato 4X4 dense modulator

The Luminato 4X4 dense modulator with video engine option supports L2TP encapsulation and works as a video engine besides multiplexer and modulator functions that it includes as well.

Comprehensive interoperability

The video engine, together with Teleste video auxiliary core, is a robust solution for operators who know challenges of channelling and managing video services through the DOCSIS CCAP core. The solution allows broadcasting of television services over distributed access (DA) networks while subscribers can keep existing set top boxes. The distributed access networks can be Remote PHY and Remote MACPHY based and built using Teleste’s DA products or other standard-based DA products. The Luminato 4X4 video engine together with the video core relieves DOCSIS CCAP core capacity for the traditional broadband data while robustness and manageability of linear video transmission remains superior, and DOCSIS CCAP core software upgrades or configuration changes do not impact availability of video core and engine resources.

Versatile video engine

The dense modulator with the video engine is fully compatible with the Luminato 4X4 chassis, where it can be fitted into any of the six module slots. In accordance with the Luminato system architecture, the transport stream video processing can be performed in the same module. This enables low-cost applications with a partially equipped chassis while performance can be scaled up by adding modules incrementally. The module supports free-to-air and scrambled services from IP stream sources, which can be adjusted to the operator’s service line-up with the built-in advanced transport stream processing capabilities. The dense modulator with the video engine is compatible with SD, HD and UHD video standards in the MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC and HEVC video formats and numerous audio formats.

Product Specifications

IP inputs
Frame formats
TS packet per UDP frame
Max inputs streams/module
PCR processing & buffering
Number of multiplexers
Max input services/multiplexer
Max components per service
DVB Common Scrambling Algorithm Content Protection
Max scrambled services
480 per module
QAM Output
ITU-T J.83 Annex A, B and C
QAM constellations
Docsis CM-SP-DRFI-I16-170111 (64, 128, 256)
Symbol Rate
4…7,4 MS/s
75 ohm
Output return loss
>14 dB active channel
>12 dB out of act. ch 81…862 MHz
>10 dB out of act. ch 862…1200 MHz
Output Level
102 dBμV – 21…32 channels
104 dBμV – 17…20 channels
105 dBμV – 13…16 channels
107 dBμV – 7…12 channels
110 dBµV – 1…6 channels
Output power step size
0,2 dB
Output center frequency
50…900 MHz or 100….1000 MHz
Output frequency step size
50 kHz
Out of band noise
< -60 dBc
1st adj. channel
< -64 dBc
2nd adj. channel
< -70 dBc
3rd adj. channel
< -70dBc
other channels
< -63 dBc
> 45 dB
IP streamer output
Framing format
L2TP encapsulated (DEPI) or raw UDP/IP
TS format
Max TS packet speed/streamer
directly related to QAM output speed
Power consumption
37 W
Supply voltage
24 V
F 75 Ω, RJ45
Dimensions (h x w x d)
(20 x 109 x 253) mm
0,3 kg
Enclosure classification
Operating temperature range
-10…+55 °C
Storage temperature range
-30…+70 °C
Specification is met
0…+45 °C
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