Pattaya City CCTV

Securing the safety of people in Pattaya City, Thailand.
Originally the CCTV system was purchased to manage traffic in Pattaya. However, during the years that have followed it has been expanded to provide increased security for the millions that visit every year on vacation. So the system today covers parks, beaches and shopping areas. Recently, the system has also encompassed schools, places of worship and a hospital. The system runs on a mixture of Teleste products, a fully functioning VMX system, as well as video encoders from the MPX and MPC product lines, plus Ethernet switches.

The project has been carried out as part of the cooperation between the city government, Teleste and Point IT Consulting Co. Ltd. The wealth of experience and capabilities of our local Partner, Point IT Consulting Co. Ltd, has delivered a solution from a ‘one stop shop’ that has greatly improved the efficiency of the city government’s capabilities to carry out their duty of care.
Customer need
  • To bring the entire Pattaya City center and traffic under 24-hour surveillance.
  • To build a stable, resilient and flexible CCTV platform that can be used by the Pattaya City Hall control room.
  • To acquire a tool for prevention and detection.
  • To guarantee system scalability and flexibility in the future by using open standards technology.
Solution to customer's need
  • Point IT Consulting were responsible for specifying, designing, and installing the system. They will also act as local responders for rectification and maintenance.
  • The Teleste equipment was delivered through Thai partner company Point IT Consulting.
    The system is utilized to monitor the City of Pattaya designated areas, such as:
  • Hazardous areas:
    - Pubs, bars, nightclubs and tourist event locations
    - Public car parks
    - Jewelry shops
    Transportation nodes (land & sea):
    - Street intersections, no parking zones
    - Criminal ‘rat runs’ (evasion routes)
    - Accident ‘black spots’
    Anti-social behavior:
    - Drug dealing
    - Prostitution
    - ’Muggings’
  • The Teleste video management system is also used as a data source for the SCAT Traffic Management System.
  • The system supplies services for:
    Government officers:
    - Receives and verifies information
    - Contacts relevant response units
    - Hosts virtual meeting for briefings
    Intelligence sources:
    - The general public
    - Volunteers – crime watch
    - Police Informants
    Media control:
    - News reports
    - Public relations
    - Event promotion
  • The CCTV solution is designed to utilize both Teleste’s VMX video management products and its MPX edge devices.
  • The system has one control room based in Pattaya City Hall.
  • As of today, the Pattaya CCTV system contains approximately 800 cameras.
  • 2013 saw construction initiated of the S-VMX islands system, which is being connected to the main system during 2014.