Technical milestones

Strong technical background brings experience and expertise in the customer world.

When did it all start?

For Teleste, it all began with the introduction of television: Teleste's founder Olavi Ahonen was behind the camera during the very first TV-broadcastings.

Since then, there has been several milestones along the way:

2016 Modular wall outlet
2016 All Intelligent network products DOCSIS 3.1 compatible
2015 Intelligent 1.2 GHz AC9100 fibre node
2015 First distributed HFC architecture product (DAH)
2014 First 1.2 GHz commercial roll-out
2013 Quad return path receiver (HDO204)
2013 Optical amplifier series (HDO750)
2012 Dual active output 1 GHZ FTTB node (AC8700)
2012 2 x 85 MHz digital return path link (AC9000&HDO)
2012 DOCSIS transponder equipped with spectrum analyser (AC6980)
2012 Web services based video management system (S-VMX)
2011 2 x 4 1 GHz intelligent node (AC9000)
2011 Network management system with spatial view (EMS 4.0)
2011 H.264 standalone encoders (MPH)
2010 O band transmitter series (HDO904)
2010 Digital video links with SFP transceivers (CFO)
2009 Compact dual active output 1 GHz node (AC8800)
2008 Compact digital headend (Luminato)
2008 Intelligent dual active output 1 GHz amplifier (AC3200)
2008 Compact 1 GHz FTTB node (CXE880)
2008 Full-scale security video management system (VMX)
2007 Intelligent 1 GHz amplifier (AC3000)
2007 Compact FTTB receiver (CXE800)
2006 Optical transceiver series (BKO900)
2006 Digital video links with embedded Ethernet bridge (CFO)
2005 Transponder equipped with spectrum analyser (AC6950)
2005 High density optics headend (HDO)
2005 Ethernet over Coax (EoC100)
2004 Ethernet to the Home (EttH) concept, incl. Ethernet over Coax (EoC10)
2004 MPEG-4 standalone encoder (EASI ™ MPX)
2004 CWDM Optical Multiplexing (CFO OPX)
2003 Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)
2003 Video management system software platform (EASI™ Runner & MoRIS)
2003 Modular PCs for digital video storage and networking (MoRIS)
2002 FTTB node (DXO100)
2002 CWDM for AM fibre (DVO)
2002 Digital 8-ch video multiplexers (CFO800)
2002 MPEG-2 over IP (EASI™IP)
2001 Digital DWDM solution (ATMux)
2001 Digital backbone solution 2,5 Gb/s(ATMux/EASI™ATM)
2000 Digital DVB headend (ATMux)
2000 MPEG-2 video networking (Infinitus/EASI™ATM)
2000 Digital 4-ch video multiplexer (CFO400)
1999 DWDM for AM fibre (DVO)
1999 Digital backbone solution 622 Mb/s (ATMux/EASI™ATM)
1998 Element management (CATVisor)
1998 Digital versatile headend (DVX)
1997 Modular intelligent optical node (BXX)
1996 Digital CATV modulator (QAM)
1996 QPSK/QAM transmodulator (MDS 401)
1996 Digital video link (CFO800)
1996 Digital video/audio/data optical link (CFO600)
1994 Bi-directional fibre node (DXO)
1994 1-ch AM/FM video optical Links (CFO)
1993 32-channel optical link (CFO700)
1993 32/64-ch FM video optical link (CFO700)
1992 Optical amplifier (EDFA)
1991 Compact amplifier (DXX)
1989 AM fibre optic link
1987 Status monitoring system
1987 SMATV headend (SMA100)
1985 Analogue FM video link (SOF100)
1982 CATV headend (SAT500)
1981 Trunk amplifier (AXA)
1980 Satellite receiver equipment
1973 Wideband CATV amplifier
1966 Transistored channel amplifier
1954 Antenna outlets