One of the central elements of Teleste’s identity is its logotype. This page explains how to use the logotype in your communications – what colours it can appear in, what clear space is needed and how the logotype is used with or without a logo field.

Logotype colours

The basic colour choice for the logotype is always Teleste Blue. If colours cannot be used, the logotype can be used in black, either with or without the logo field. There are also two negative variations in white and metallic silver (without the logo field), which can be used in a few exceptional applications but must not be used on their own over an illustration or on one of the darker colour panels. In such cases, a blue or black logotype set on the logo field must always be used.


Guide figures for pages in A-series formats are:

A4 – 55 mm
A5 – 47.5 mm
A6 – 41 mm

File formats

The logotype for professional printing is available in eps and pdf formats for downloading. All variants with the exception of the white one also include the white logo field. The following variants are available:

  • Teleste Blue Pantone
  • Teleste Blue CMYK
  • Teleste Blue RGB
  • Black
  • Negative (white)

Clear space

Clear space has been established around our Logo to protect its integrity.

The Teleste logo must always be surrounded by clear space on all sides to protect its integrity. This ensures that the logo is never visually dominated by other elements. The defined clear space should be kept clear of all type, graphic elements, lines and illustrations.

The clear space is in direct proportion to the size of the logo. The minimum clear space is equal to the height of the main body of the logo, as shown in this example, which applies to logos up to 400 mm in width: