Renewed company policy guides actions for protecting the environment

At Teleste, we have a wide set of policies and principles guiding our daily sustainability efforts. We ask every Telestian to commit to building a more environmentally and socially responsible future with us, and our policies are released to help achieve the target throughout all our business areas and operations.

Our renewed Environmental Policy highlights how we as a company can take an active role in protecting the environment, addressing environmental challenges, and fight the climate change. We recognise that we have an impact on the environment through our operations and the products we provide to our customers, and by developing both our technologies and ways of working we can also make a real difference.

The following guidelines define what we are currently focussing on in environmental matters:

The most important environmental aspects related to our normal operations are CO2 emissions, use of natural resources and material waste. We do our best to use resources efficiently and, whenever possible, prefer using recycled materials. The amount of waste generated is minimised and waste is sorted.

We strive to ensure that the materials we use come from ethically and environmentally responsible sources. We avoid and phase-out the use of substances of very high concern (SVHC). We also keep away from utilising single-use plastic in our products and packaging.

The CO2 emissions from our own operations are controlled and reduced by encouraging remote work and advancing the use of renewable energy in our offices. We also work to improve transport efficiency in shipments. Precise forecasting of sales and manufacturing operations enables preferring eco-friendly transport methods and also helps cut down the number of materials rejected in quality controls.

When it comes to our products, we work every day to cut their energy consumption or increase their energy efficiency.  We also focus on innovating features that allow our customers utilise automation and remote management to minimise physical truck-rolls and on-site maintenance visits and control CO2 emissions in their own operations.

Dismantling and recyclability of products are taken into consideration from the early design phase onwards. Another key aspect related to our products is increasing their life cycle: we don’t want them to break easily and become a burden on the planet. Product reliability, durability and serviceability are considered starting from the scratch. Our modular solutions are also backwards compatible which enables flexible product updates and helps prevent their unnecessary scrapping from customer systems.

When looking to the future, we can see that building a sustainable world requires ongoing effort. New innovations and ways of working are needed to take the industries and societies from where we are today to where we wish to be. At Teleste, we believe that the journey is made by taking one step at a time each day. Regular follow-ups of the set targets are an elemental part of showing the way.

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