Teleste evaluated eligibility to the EU Taxonomy of sustainable activities for the first time

Eligibility of Teleste’s business to the EU taxonomy of sustainable activities was disclosed for the first time in Report of the Board of Directors 2021. According to the evaluation, 34% of Teleste’s turnover today is eligible to the taxonomy.

Being taxonomy-eligible is an indication that a certain activity makes a substantial contribution to one of the six EU’s climate and environmental objectives, including topics from climate change mitigation and adaptation, sustainable use of resources and prevention of pollution to protection of biodiversity and ecosystems. Teleste’s activities are taxonomy eligible according to the technical screening criteria concerning climate change mitigation.

Of our taxonomy eligible business activities, distributed access architecture falls under the criterion “Manufacture of other low-carbon technologies” (criterion 3.6). The architecture advances the evolution of cable networks by moving selected headend functions closer to the users from headends and hubs and reducing energy consumption compared to the traditional centralised access architecture.

Our public transport information solutions fall under the technical screening criterion “Infrastructure for rail transport” (6.14) in the taxonomy whereas video security solutions for public transport applications fall under the criterion “Infrastructure enabling low-carbon road transport and public transport” (6.15). The solutions contribute to the easy and safe use of public transport and help transport operators and rolling stock manufacturers provide increasingly attractive options for daily mobility especially in urban environments.

As part of the evaluation, it was also estimated that 50% of Teleste’s capital expenditure and 52% of operating expenses are related to activities that are considered environmentally sustainable. Examples of these activities include research and development projects, property improvements and purchasing in green operations.

Teleste has decided to take an active role in advancing sustainability. We will continue evaluating our activities to reduce our impact on the environment and believe that our solutions play a key role in building a sustainable future. Please visit here to learn about the goals and principles guiding our corporate responsibility work and sustainability actions.

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