Teleste’s materiality assessment

Teleste’s materiality matrix on ESG themes was updated during 2021. The matrix is used to identify the areas of environmental and social sustainability and sustainable corporate governance that are the most relevant to us and should be measured, monitored and require actions during the coming years. During the materiality assessment we also identified issues on which the company is not expected to have a significant impact.

Materiality matrix

Our most relevant ESG themes are presented in the matrix below. Each ESG area is represented by a different colour. The vertical axis shows the importance of each theme to Teleste’s stakeholders and the horizontal axis shows how important the theme is to Teleste’s business.

Our CO2 emissions are mostly generated from the energy used on our premises, cargo and transportation. Energy consumption created during product life cycle was estimated to have the largest impact on CO2 emissions. The magnitude of the impact is dependent on the CO2 intensity of the energy used. The other environmental aspects that are important to the company are the use of natural resources and the generation of waste.

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