Telestians donating for Liiku & Auta campaign

When every step counts — Telestians exercised for a good cause

In 2018, we at Teleste participated in a charity campaign “Liiku ja Auta” (Move and help) to raise money for the children’s hematological ward at Turku University Hospital. During the 16-week campaign the target was to train and improve one’s fitness, and every single exercise counted for a certain amount of money to be donated.

Telestians trained altogether 3063 times and we were able to raise a fine amount of money for a good cause together with the other campaign participants. The collected money will be used to support the important daily work at the ward. 

Sustainability is the little things that can make everyday life better for people and the planet. We challenge you to think which steps you could take to make the difference!

#TelesteTeam supporting Turku University Hospital in 'Liiku ja Auta' compaign.
#TelesteTeam supporting Turku University Hospital in ‘Liiku ja Auta’ compaign