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1.8 GHz RF passives unleashing the cable industry’s 10G era

The vision of 10G broadband speeds has lately been on everyone’s lips in the cable industry. Cable operators will need to evolve their cable network to cope with the increasing demands for speeds. The most feasible option for the industry to get there is to leverage the bandwidth of the existing networks to 1.8 GHz and transmit the 10G speeds with DOCSIS® 4.0. 1.8 GHz passive products are in many ways a logical starting point to begin the upgrade process. Operators can now proceed with network and in-home installations ensuring that each passive element installed is ready for the eventual 10 Gbps leap that will breathe decades of life into existing coaxial cable networks.

Teleste’s RF passives ready for 1.8 GHz operation

Teleste’s 1.8 GHz RF Passive product ranges are ready, and they will allow operators to take their first steps towards 10G era. We are facilitating the first steps with our new outdoor and indoor splitters & taps, wall outlets and galvanic isolators along with signal conditioning devices such as cable simulators, attenuators and filters, all 1.8 GHz.

Our new passives come with innovations, high RF performance, high quality & reliability, and great features. An example of the innovation & features is the new 1.8 GHz Rotatable Tap Line where the same faceplate can be used whether signal comes from left or right due to the innovative 180° flip feature. Therefore, only one model is needed instead of two separate models and product inventories are reduced even by 50%. Another example of the innovation is the new unique adaptive auto-seizing cable connection mechanism besides the more traditional screw connection option, that optimises the clamping force and surface contact area for various inner connector diameters.

There are also a lot of innovation within the 1.8 GHz Fully Isolated System Wall Outlets, including unique modular designs allowing future proof options for the operators. They consist of a galvanic isolator, filter and installation brackets and covers enabling them to be fitted into a wide range of modular systems. Our award-winning clamp technology is incorporated to provide robust input and output connections. And one should not forget the push button construction for the coaxial cable inner conductor that makes the wall outlet installations smooth and easy.

We have also put a lot of attention to issues like superior housing design that ensures fast and easy installation, stringent electromagnetic compatibility, excellent intermodulation performance and high port-to-port isolation.

Challenging journey but goals reached

In terms of investments and operating expenses, the beauty of cable networks is that the infrastructure can be upgraded gradually. When technicians swap out old components, opting to use 1.8 GHz passives is often the way to go. Installing older technology will only result in additional upgrade expenses down the line. What is important is that the installation process of 1.8 GHz passives does not require any extra skill or ability from technicians, and that is why our new 1.8 GHz passives often have similar outer shell as their 1.2 GHz counterparts.

In addition, our 1.8 GHz passives, such as splitters & taps, are designed to fulfil specification and performance of 1.2 GHz passives. You can replace existing products with our new 1.8 GHz versions without any need to undertake network re-planning or re-siting of products, without any disruption. In fact, Teleste’s 1.8 GHz passives perform better over the whole frequency domain than existing 1.2 GHz passives do, so operators need not to worry about higher signal losses, or other issues while they wait for other network devices to catch up with the 1.8 GHz specifications.

The higher the frequency, the more challenging it is to reach performance required from network products. That’s just the nature of the beast. Developing the 1.8 GHz passives did not happen like the previous upgrade from 1.0 to 1.2 GHz. 1.8 GHz is a different ball game, requiring new designs, high-quality components, and high-quality connections. During the product development process, many of the used designs and practices had to be changed to get the RF performance high through the entire spectrum. The work required many “extra miles” but today, our main passive lines are available in 1.8 GHz, and our customers are proceeding at great speed with network implementations.

1.8 GHz RF passives unleashing the cable industry's 10G

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