Converting FTTx homes passed to homes connected

The big challenge facing FTTx operators is to convert homes passed into homes connected. Having spent money building fibre distribution networks that bring many exciting services to customer premises, the emphasis is now on getting customers connected to start earning revenue streams for the operators.

This is where Teleste excels, understanding this challenge for operators, and developing solutions to connect homes quickly and easily to maximise revenue opportunities.

For customers in Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs) we provide connection enclosures to be fitted in the internal corridors, and we also provide external versions where the cabling has to be installed on the outside of the building. In particular these external enclosures are easy to use and require no special tools to work on making the customer connection quick and easy.

Additionally, we provide a wide range of distribution solutions to distribute cabling to individual floors and apartments. And outside the apartment we have developed unique premise entry enclosures to support cabling inside and around the outside of buildings along with various wall outlet models to terminate the fibre cable.

The challenge of installing customer drops quickly and easily is solved with our aerial distribution enclosures FAB range and our FME drop enclosures which can be installed overhead or underground. Their unique IP68 drop chambers use standard drop cables and connectors to connect customers. These are cheaper and easier to install than traditional specialist & expensive outdoor rated drop cables & enclosures. Our aerial enclosures can house up to 32 drop cables in different sizes and connector types.

Once inside the home it is desirable to connect the FTTx cable to the ONU device easily and discretely. This can be done with our standard wall outlets and internal cabling or with our spool reel outlets. We can also ensure that the ONU device is discretely installed and protected from accidental damage or inadvertent switching of.

What makes Teleste stand out is our ability to work with the customer to understand their issues and needs, enabling us to design product solutions that easily and quickly “Convert homes passed into homes connected”.

Robert Wilkins

Robert Wilkins

I am leading the Passives & Indoors product management activities at Teleste. See my LinkedIn for more information.

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