Broadband unites: Charting new paths at ANGA COM 2024!

As ANGA COM 2024 swiftly approaches, we’re gearing up for a reunion with the cable industry in Cologne, Germany. Our dedicated team is eager to showcase our latest advancements in solutions and technologies, designed to help operators provide an excellent broadband experience for their subscribers. In this article, we unveil a sneak peek of our innovative product and solution launches set to make waves at the event.

This year, the ANGA COM conference presents a not-to-be-missed chance to delve into the forefront of broadband technology. One of the key highlights will be the insightful session with Hanno Narjus, the head of Teleste’s Broadband Networks business. He will illuminate the evolving landscape of DOCSIS 4.0 and fibre deployments, focusing on balancing of Distributed Access Architecture and PON in Europe’s evolving cable networks. Mark your calendars for this enlightening panel discussion, scheduled for Wednesday, 15 May, from 17:00 to 18:00 in Room 2.

Continue reading to discover more and get ready for an inspiring experience at stand C12 in hall 8, 14-16 May. Our experts are looking forward to seeing you again!

1.2 GHz reality shaking hands with the 1.8 GHz future

This year at ANGA COM, we’re excited to unveil the CX4, our latest 1.8 GHz RF amplifier. The CX4 stands out with its dual capability to seamlessly support both 1.8 GHz and 1.2 GHz networks. This forward-looking solution allows operators to begin upgrading their networks immediately. With its compact size, cost-efficiency, and easy installation, the amplifier can also effectively address key concerns in network installations. Discover more details and come visit our ANGA COM stand for an in-depth exploration of the CX4’s capabilities!

Our ANGA COM exhibit will also spotlight the AC3080, our innovative 1.8 GHz amplifier concept, crafted to meet the specific needs of the European market. Drawing inspiration from the renowned ICON™ series of strand-mounted broadband amplifiers, the AC3080 adapts this powerful technology for street cabinet applications. Additionally, we’re proud to showcase our selected 1.8 GHz solutions for the North American cable broadband market. This includes the versatile ICON3000 series line extender platform and the powerful ICON100 booster amplifier.

True Distributed Access interoperability continues its success

Our Distributed Access portfolio now encompasses a complete range of solutions that caters to diverse deployment needs. In line with the industry specifications, the entire range is designed for seamless multi-vendor interoperability with various CCAP cores and virtual CMTS cores, minimising license issues during possible changes in core solutions.

Accommodating two Remote PHY devices (RPDs) our high-capacity powerhouse called DAS RPD SHELF offers configurations varying from dual 1X1 units to a pair of 2X4 modules. This versatility ensures that our portfolio can adeptly address the capacity demands for any installation, whether it’s for large MDUs, regional headends, or hubs.

The AC9400 Remote PHY node, a key part of our second-generation line-up, comes in not only the familiar 1X1 and 1X2 configurations but also in the expanded 2X2 and 2X4 variants. This expansion allows operators to efficiently manage upstream splits into two or four service groups (SGs) and downstream into two SGs, all with the benefit of built-in intelligence and an optional RF overlay.

We’re also proud to feature the DAN3 Remote PHY node, a perfect fit for multi-dwelling unit broadband and fibre-deep environments. Welcome to discover more about this excellent RPD that was recognized among the best in the industry by the 2023 Broadband Technology Report’s Diamond Technology Reviews!  

Top-notch passives take on innovation

For operators keen on exploring solutions tailored to FttX rollouts, our top-tier enlighten passives provide an exciting option. These components are not only of superior quality but also boast with extensive customization and pre-assembly options to suit varied needs. Our range is specifically developed to tackle common installation challenges, streamlining network construction to be more efficient, swift, and adaptable. Our knowledgeable team is eager to discuss the intricacies of our design philosophy, so we warmly invite you to visit our stand for an in-depth conversation!

Additionally, you will be able to explore 1.8 GHz indoor and outdoor RF passives that are making significant strides throughout Europe. Many operators are rapidly adopting these cutting-edge components, recognizing their elemental role in the strategic implementation of 1.8 GHz upgrades. Impressively, these 1.8 GHz passives offer better performance than traditional passives also in 1.2 GHz networks, which makes them a solid choice for operators looking to elevate efficiency and network performance already today.

CATVisor Argus reaches next milestones

The CATVisor Argus software continues to improve network management for operators, offering enhanced capabilities for comprehensive oversight of network inventory and efficient mass configuration of components. Building on last year’s momentum, the software expanded into headend management with the introduction of the Luminato Manager add-on that helps streamline management of expansive video headend installations, even on a country-wide scale.

The journey of innovation didn’t stop there. We’ve further augmented the scope of our software solutions by introducing the new RPD Manager, specifically tailored for the management of Teleste Remote PHY devices. A live demonstration of these capabilities will be available during ANGA COM 2024, so join us to find out what our software solutions can bring to your network management strategies!

Broadcast continues to bring audiences together​

Our Luminato 4X4 digital headend is a state-of-the-art edge QAM and multi-receiver platform that consistently delivers high-quality broadcast TV, connecting audiences with unmatched service. We have recently enhanced the platform with support for Secure Reliable Transport (SRT), which guarantees optimal video quality at the subscriber’s end, even in challenging network condition, and enables end-to-end encryption for video streams, ensuring secure and reliable content delivery.

Demonstration of the Luminato 4X4 platform will be available on our stand where you can also discover how easy it is to perform batch configuration of Luminato clusters with the CATVisor Argus Luminato Manager software.

Take advantage of our exclusive RF Overlay campaign!

Are your RF overlay solutions approaching End-of-Life or End-of-Service? Known by various names – EDFA, RF Overlay, Video Overlay, and broadcast over FTTH – these systems are pivotal for broadcasting video over fiber, often in conjunction with PON-based broadband.

As part of our 70th anniversary celebration, Teleste is thrilled to offer an exceptionally unique discount on our RF Overlay devices, a range that continues to be available and actively supported. This campaign includes all our 1550 nm HDO and OFA series products, as well as optical splitters that might interest you. Whether your focus is on EDFAs, optical transmitters, or different wavelengths, we have the solutions you need.

To discover more about this exceptional offer and how it can benefit your operations, we invite you engage with our stand personnel at ANGA COM 2024 for a personal consultation and to take advantage of this offer! Alternatively, you can reach out to us through our website. This exclusive campaign is valid until 30th of June or until the sale of 70 devices, whichever comes first.

ANGA COM 2024 serves as a pivotal gathering point for professionals across the spectrum of the cable industry, providing an ideal platform for the exchange of knowledge and pioneering ideas. We warmly invite you to be part of this journey with us!

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