Let Teleste Enlighten your fibre networks (refreshed for 2021)

Two years have gone since the launch of our extensive range of Optical passives that meet operators’ high operational requirements. Now it is a good time to review what’s new and updated to this family of standard and custom products today.

Editor’s note: This blog post was updated in October 2021 to reflect the current status of Teleste’s Optical passives product range.

Offering operators high product quality at affordable costs, the range currently encompasses:

  • Wall Outlets and Wall Boxes
  • Aerial Distribution Boxes
  • Multipurpose Enclosures for overhead and underground use
  • ODFs and Patch Panels
  • Adapters, Pigtails and Patchcords
  • Optical Splitters
  • Fully assembled PoC (Point of Connection) solutions
  • Headend Optical Passives

Below you can find information that will help you grasp the idea and benefits of these products in more detail. You can also watch video presentation of the products through this link.

Wall Outlets for indoor use provide an interface between the network and the customer device by allowing connection between incoming fibre cables and CPE devices.  The wall outlets are designed for easy wall mounting and efficient splice connection and accommodate the termination of installation cables to pigtails. We can provide DIN rail mounting options as well as custom designed outlets to suit customers specific needs. Customer’s logo or other information can be printed on the cover according to requirements.

Wall Boxes designed for outdoor use are rugged, versatile, and flexible for fibre distribution to connect between feeder cables and subscriber cables. Available in a range of sizes depending on customer needs they are available to support 2, 4, 8 – 24 ports. They are sturdy lockable enclosures and are available with splice trays and fitted with optical splitters if required.

With the increasing use of existing overhead pole infrastructures, we have developed a range of Aerial Distribution Boxes designed for quick & easy installation of customer drop cables. Typically used for up to 24 connections they support splicing capability for distribution & customer cables and have Loop Through cable management. To make the aerial installation easy they are available with a Pole Mounting Bracket incorporating spare cable management.

Incorporating the needs of both aerial and underground installations, our Multipurpose Enclosures are designed for network cable branch and customer drop environments. These are robust, IP68 rated products that use unique closing and cable sealing technologies to achieve high performance where it is needed in outdoor environments.

ODFs and Patch Panels designed for 19” Rack installation are available as options of 24, 48 and higher port counts. The drawers are available as either sliding or hinged providing optimal access to the splices for repair and maintenance, even when the shelf is fully patched. We also have integrated splice trays and fully suitable for SC, LC, FC, ST and E2000 connector types. Our Optical Distribution Frames are compact, light, and robust and of high-quality, providing ease of installation and ultimate design for interconnect or cross-connect applications.

The beauty of our boxes, outlets, and ODF products is that all of them can be supplied with Adapters, Pigtails and Patchcords as required. These are installed and tested in the factory to ensure quality and minimise installation time of products. They are available in various lengths, colours, and connector types, and even in different fibre glass types and jacket materials. All our adapters and pigtails are also tested to industry standards and undergo quality assurance checks.

Optical Splitters in our range are available in all ratios from 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 way outputs. These are available (as PLC for) 50/50 power distribution and (FBT for) any customised power distribution need. They are provided in industry standard packing (steel tube, ABS box, LGX, 19”) or with any customer requested pre-assembled solutions in trays and boxes.

With our flexible, versatile, and modular PoC (Point of Connection) solutions, network rollouts can be made quicker & easier and with improved quality over traditional field installations. The modular platform consists of splice and splitter trays supporting fusion & mechanical splices and optical splitters. These interconnect to customer connection presentation units to allow easy installation of customer drop cables which are presented via unique micro-duct management units. These items can be configured in different required sizes, installed in street cabinets, lock boxes or our unique underground chamber solution.

To support operator’s needs in Headend and network environments we also have a range of versatile, cost effective and easy to install solutions with a vast array of modules & chassis available. These can be in the standard LGX format or in 19” mounting frames. We also have Installation frames for 19” racks and street cabinet enclosures into which LGX modules can be installed and that can support our vast array of wavelength management (WDM, CWDM) and Optical power distribution (Splitter) Modules.

Our Optical Passive solutions can help operators speed up their FTTX rollouts at affordable cost. They allow operators to simplify home installations, make network build easier and more flexible, and reduce deployment time with pre-assemblies. Discussions with our customers, understanding their industry requirements and practical challenges has formed a solid ground for developing this versatile product range further.

Robert Wilkins

Robert Wilkins

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