RF amplifiers are key to good quality signal distribution

When building broadband coaxial networks, it is vital to ensure that all the components are of high quality and easy to use. That is the philosophy we at Teleste apply in the design and production of our RF amplifiers. Whether it is for signal distribution within the home or within the building, or indeed the “last mile” distribution to the building including signal boosting where needed, our Basic Amplifiers are designed to simply install and turn on. They require minimum to no alignment and thus no need for special tools or indeed skill sets.

Unique products to suit each individual customer’s needs

Our customers have their own set of unique requirements when it comes to signal transmission specifically in or around the home. That is why we design every product in close co-operation with them to ensure those needs are met fully. We ensure our products are compact and easy to install and that they require no ongoing maintenance activities. Most importantly they minimise any disturbances getting into the signal distribution system.

To increase the signal strength and quality within the home we produce a wide range of models. We have multiple housing styles including stand-alone products and others that plug directly onto wall outlets. To satisfy subscriber requirements within the home we have models available with multiple output ports and signal output levels. These amplifiers do not have any alignment options and so are very easy to use. Just install and turn on.

The needs of any household distribution network are for compact, robust, and reliable solutions that are easily installed and cost efficient. Our range of household connection amplifiers provide all these requirements.

High quality products like our distribution amplifiers are able to serve multiple households at the end of the access network. Designed for modern bi-directional networks, our range includes RF amplifiers and optical nodes which are high performance products ideal for easy installation and cost-efficiency. Our optical node is remotely powered and can be fed by the existing coaxial network when upgrading to fibre. Additionally, some of our models support optional remote control of ingress switches.

When building coaxial distribution networks, it is sometime necessary to be able to extend the signal range of the network. This is where we have developed various amplifiers which boost the signal. These are available for both 1.2 GHz and newer 1.8 GHz networks.

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Robert Wilkins

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