Teleste's ultrawide onboard displays

Reshaping information space

Rail traffic is considered as the most ecological, convenient and also the fastest way to move around in big cities. However, rail traffic also needs to be attractive. By this, we mean that the passenger experience needs to be easy, safe, and entertaining, so that people choose to make public transport a part of their everyday lives.

Improving the attractiveness of public transport

Passenger Information is a key element in enhancing the travel experience. Whether it be commuters or tourists, passengers constantly want to be up to date about their exact location. Naturally, they are also interested in the available connecting travel information and possible exceptions in traffic, but many also require entertainment features to make travel time more enjoyable.

We at Teleste have extensive experience in digitalization and especially in onboard solutions for railway systems and together with our ecosystem partners, we are continuously searching for new ways to provide public transportation operators with capabilities to enhance the passenger’s travel experience and to create new earning models also for operators. One such example is our Ultrawide TFT display product family with infotainment functionalities integrated to a passenger information system. Their railway proof design combines the best railway industry expertise with the most modern marketing tools.

From stickers to state-of-the-art visual display technology

Stickers and plastic pockets currently used for advertising on trains will soon be a thing of the past. GPS based locational awareness systems can automatically trigger alerts and update information screens when the vehicle approaches specific locations. Our technology allows for modern screens to tell the passenger, for example, about the restaurant specials when approaching Covent Garden, promos for the latest premiere near the Royal Opera House, or even display a live video feed from a match when approaching Wembley Stadium. Content can range from text and images to high definition live video, that can be set to change dynamically depending on location or even time of day. Naturally, everything can be deployed centrally and wirelessly, negating the need for physically swapping advertisements.

Especially in metros and trams, there is a lot of flat surface area that can be utilized for displaying passenger information and advertising. Our ultrawide screens can be placed on the ceiling above windows, and multiple displays can be linked together for a unified visual display experience. Instead of an often confusing printed and static maps of the metro system, our display solutions can provide passengers with realtime locational information on an easy-to-understand dynamic map. It can also provide passengers with relevant additional information including weather, news, and location specific tourist info.

The ultrawide displays are designed specifically for rail traffic use and meet all standards of the industry. They can seamlessly be integrated as part of the passenger information system.

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