RGB LED display technologies add value in city traffic

Our renewed range of RGB LED displays is designed especially for city traffic, serving stations and stops. These displays offer our customers with comprehensive customisation and optimisation opportunities and enable operators to reduce maintenance costs while improving the viewing experience for passengers.

Modular structure helps optimising costs

Thanks to our modular technology, our RGB LED displays can be delivered in various sizes and installed either vertically or horizontally. The display units have been developed for outdoor use and can be delivered with or without a protective cover that is quick to replace.  This allows our customers to choose the right display products for each use case and equip them with UV-protected, vandal-proof, or anti-reflective cover as necessary. Ensuring visibility and durability in all conditions, the extensive customisation options help our customers optimise their purchases and the related costs.

Smart design enables faster maintenance operations

Each display is equipped with a replaceable RGB LED display unit, PC, and interface box representing a significant improvement with regard to the daily operations of public transport operators. If a technical fault occurs, it is no longer necessary to remove the entire display for servicing purposes. Instead, the display unit or PC and interface box can be replaced. This keeps interruptions short and makes maintenance of the displays much more efficient.

Frameless structure gives a modern viewing experience

The frameless structure of the displays makes it possible to utilise their full surface to display content. A larger surface improves the viewing experience and visuality for passengers and makes the delivery of information more effective. Using the displays without a separate protective cover further improves their brightness and colours.

Detailed features and display size information

Check out our product brochure for detailed information about features and active area in the RGB LED displays.

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With our technologies, you can guarantee excellent availability and readability for your information in versatile outdoor and indoor conditions.

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